Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Splash's Quotes

Here's some quotes of mine that were apparently read out at the finale party (I didn't hear them as I was too busy screaming!).  Hope they help you on your journey.

What was the hardest thing you had to overcome in order to succeed?
Eliminating the excuses in my head.   I am a thinker and analyser from birth.  I have had to stop thinking and analysing, and just start doing in order to make this program work… not thinking is so unnatural for me!  But totally worth it.

Was there any 12WBT ‘memorable moments’ that you had?
My boss emailed Mish (without telling me) to thanks her for my transformation.  Mish then posted it to her Facebook page and quoted my boss in an email to the Round 3 members!  This blog details what happened…
And here is the email from my boss, Kerry (even though you already have it)…
From: Kerry
Sent: Friday, 5 August 2011 1:12 PM
To: ''
Subject: 12WBT Site Enquiry

This is a big THANK YOU, not a site enquiry. 

One of my team at work (splasharama) is doing your program and the transformation is absolutely amazing, not just the weight she has lost, but her whole personality has changed into a bright, bubbly young woman who now has a continual smile, laughs and  interacts with the rest of the team.

It has been so beautiful to watch her blossom and see her enjoyment of life as it unfolds.

I’m sure this is only one small story not just of the lives you have changed for those directly involved in the program but also for all the lives that are touched by these success stories, friends, relatives and work colleagues.


How do you feel now compared to before?
I’m fun-sized now and in the lyrics of Lady Gaga… I’m on the Edge of Glory!  Only 5kg to go!

Any funny stories to report?
Everyone touches me when they comment on my transformation.  I hate being touched!  Please ask before putting your hands all over me lol   The end of this blog mentions the touching thing…

I went shopping with my sister (Ski Chic) and cried when I realised I am ‘normal’ size now and fit into Jeans West and JayJays jeans!!!  How silly of me!  I’m now addicted to JayJays casual clothes and look like a teenager all the time.

What is the one thing you attribute to your success? It could be a part of the program, a support network around you, something in your head?
My strong mind - I finally have focused my determined streak on me instead of my work.  And being a little competitive also helps

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