Thursday, August 11, 2011

12WBT Round 2 Highlights

Wow what a ride!  I am having the BEST year of my life and the last 12 weeks have been amazing.  I lost 20% of my body weight and 62cm in the 12 weeks.

Here's my top highlights of my first round of the Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation (Round 2 2011):

  1. This program has transformed my mind to focus on me.  I come first.  Making healthy and active choices everyday are my number one priority.
  2. Working more efficiently as I am healthier and have a stronger mind.
  3. My boss, Kerry, emailing Michelle Bridges to thank her for my transformation.
  1. Michelle Bridges quoting Kerry's email on her facebook page and in an email to the people signed up for Round 3 2011.
  1. Running 1km non-stop for the first time ever in my life in the Week 12 fitness test.  (I'm now training for a fun run in October and I have hated running all my life!)
  2. Actually getting fit, participating in Step, Pump and Sh'Bam classes, and seeing my fitness improve every week.
  3. Clothes shopping and fitting into JayJays jeans :)
  4. My nephews telling me I look skinny.
  5. Writing a blog for the first time ever.  It's been fun and emotional.  I'm glad I have documented my journey in writing so I can look back and remember this amazing experience.
  6. Exuding confidence I didn't know I had.
  7. Having a 'pay it forward girl' that will join me in Round 3.  That is so rewarding to me.  You are gonna smash it!
  8. Participating in the Mini Comp and getting wonderful inspirational emails from my Team every Wednesday that kept me on track.
  9. Seeing my muscles defining, my stomach getting flatter, my collarbones are back, and my little biceps are cute & getting stronger :) 
  10. And most importantly… having a fabulous support crew including family, friends, bosses, instructors, 12WBT crew & members and many others… This is not a one person journey.  You have all contributed to the new me.

Things I could have done without in the last 12 weeks:
  1. People touching me when they are commenting on my new body… Please don't touch me without asking :)
  2. The sore muscles and body from training like a crazy woman.
  3. Getting sleepy by 9pm due to the early morning training.
  4. Not fully understanding what 'space' I take up.  I wish I could have appreciated me sooner.  The penny only really dropped last week that I am 'normal-sized' now.  It sooooooo hard to get your mind to stop thinking like a fat person, sounds ridiculous but it's true.

This program is awesome (just look at what it did to me people!!!).  If you are thinking about a healthier and active lifestyle, it will be the best $200 you invest in yourself.  It's not just about weight loss and it's not a diet, it's a lifestyle.  And if you need support, I will help you :)  

In the lyrics of Gaga, you are on the edge of glory, so sign up for Round 3 on 15/8/11 :)

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