Sunday, July 24, 2011

I fit into JayJays Jeans!!!

So I went dress shopping for the 12WBT finale party in Brisbane with my sister.  We tried on some gorgeous little frocks and will go back in a fortnight to make our final decisions and purchases.

While shopping she said "Splash, you know what you really need?  A new pair of jeans 'cause they look terrible".  My jeans just get loose so quickly (even though Mum has taken them in 4 times).  I'm still losing weight so I wanted a cheap pair to get me through the next month.  So off to Jeans West we went.

Size 18 was clearly too big - Hooray!
Size 16 fit but I wasn’t sure how they looked.  I stepped out of the change room and my sister said they look great.  I said "Oh my god I fit into normal clothes".  I started to cry and retreated back into to the change room while saying "This is overwhelming, I need a minute".
The sales assistant then walked in and asked how things are going.  I was too busy doing a happy cry to talk so luckily my sister said everything was fine.
I still have weight to lose so my sister suggest I try a smaller size.  The attendant brought in a size 15 but I had a marvellous idea spring into my head.
"If I fit into size 15 at JeansWest, maybe I will fit into size 16 at JayJays (a teen clothes shop that I LOVE even though I'm 33 and their clothes don’t fit me ).  So we ditched Jeans West and headed to JayJays, believing there is no way I would fit into their tiny jeans.

Well JayJays jeans fit me and were half the price of Jeans West!  So for the price of one pair of Jeans West jeans, I got all this:

I'm a happy little camper and just don’t want to take my skinny jeans off!!!  I just might sleep in them tonight lol

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