Monday, August 8, 2011

Best Day EVER!!!

OMG What as day!!!  Can't believe it.  I'm pinching myself!  Here's what happened…

  • Went to the gym early this morning with a sore and tired body and my mind just couldn't get my body to do what it needed to do.  Felt pretty awful as I cut my workout short, but I accepted the decision I made.
  • Got to work half hour early and got a message from my Pump Instructor.  She mentioned something about a Facebook post on Mich's page.  I then saw an email from JoHarry saying something similar but both messages were a bit cryptic to me.
  • I jumped onto Mich's Facebook page and found this.
  • For those of you that can't access that, this is what Michelle posted on her page:
"I got an email from splasharama's boss, saying 'her transformation is absolutely amazing, not just the weight she has lost, but her whole personality has changed into a bright, bubbly young woman who now has a continual smile, laughs and interacts with the rest of the team.' What an AWESOME boss, for an awesome 12WBTer. I hope your bosses are thinking the same xx "
  • Well the tears started flowing uncontrollably after reading 10 words.  I had NO IDEA that my boss had emailed Michelle (and she is not that savvy with technology so I'm surprised she figured out how to do it!).  I cried for about 20 minutes as the comments to the post began appearing.  Sooooooooooooooo overwhelming!!!  Mich thinks I'm awesome!  OMG Mich thinks I'm awesome!
  • My boss arrived at work and I said "Kerry What Have You Done???" as I hugged her and started crying again!!!  She had no idea her email would make it to Facebook for everyone to see.  She just genuinely wanted to thank the program for transforming me in so many ways.  She too was overwhelmed!
  • I had the most productive day at work as I was on an absolutely high.  Michelle posted about me… ABOUT MEEEEEEE!  OMG that is so cool :)
  • Did my fitness test tonight and Splash Smashed It
  • Since 4 weeks ago I took 1min 20 secs off my 1km run (and i ran the whole way for the first time!!!), did 8 more push ups, got to the next level of sit ups (level 3) and reached 2cm further in the sit and reach.  Still have to do the wall sit, take my measurements and after pic tomorrow.  I hated taking my before pic but I am damn excited about the after pic!  Who would have thought taking a half naked pic of yourself would be exciting?!?!?!  I'm crazy I guess :)
  • I AM LOVING THIS PROGRAM and what it has done to me.  Mich, you and your crew have transformed me into the person I never even dreamed of being as I thought it was unachievable.  You have transformed my mind, which has ultimately transformed my life.  There is no way of thanking you enough for making me me :)  You guys rock!


  1. Great post!! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. WOW! Good on you!! I can imagine your whole mindset right now and wish i could emulate it! What a great job you have done!

  3. Thanks for your kind words :)
    It really was a very special day for me