Thursday, August 4, 2011

What's My Secret?

This week I have been turning heads each day. I don't know what is different this week to last week lol!! I've been getting asked "what's your secret? I want to be like you! I want to do what you're doing! Tell me, please help!!!"

There is no secret peeps. It's science and the theory is simple - eat less & exercise more.
Is it easy? No.
Is it worth it? Absolutely!!! Look at me!!!

For the last 7 days of 12WBT Round 2 I will blog my daily calories and weight, even though I don't usually weigh myself daily (because it drives me crazy! Lol). Hopefully that will give you a little more insight into my lifestyle.

Here are some things I follow daily, which are not negotiable:
- I always exercise in the morning. Weekdays from 6.15am to 7.45am. Weekends 9am to 11am.
- I never eat before I exercise (my body doesn't need it)
- I haven't been adding salt to food for about 3 weeks.
- I never eat anything after 7pm
- I plan my food each night for the next day and don't stray from my plan

Hope this helps some of you. Please remember we are all different and so your results may vary.

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