Sunday, August 14, 2011

A weekend of ticks

Had a productive weekend and achieved a couple of goals.
  • Passed my First Aid Course today.  Normally I hate these types of courses as they involve role plays where you have to be the patient.  I didn't like people having to roll me into recovery positions or move me.  Today I was so confident as no one would have any trouble rolling or moving me because I'm smaller now!  I have done everything I need to renew my Certificate 3 in Fitness qualification.   That is one tick off the bucket list.
  • Went clothes shopping yesterday with my sis.  We had an awesome time - so much fun.  I fit into all size 14 clothes now…  Wooohooo!!!  AND I bought one size 12 skirt for work -my first size 12!  My goal is get to a size 12 and I'm almost there!  That is one tick off my goals that I can nearly tick.
  • A couple of weeks ago I found the PERFECT cocktail dress for the finale party in Brisbane.  BUT, didn’t want to buy it unless I fit into the size 14 (I couldn’t breathe in the 14 last fortnight and it took 2 people to zip it up!).  Well, I tired it on again today and size 14 fit - tick!  So I have ordered it in the colour I want and it arrives Thursday… It better get here before I board the plane for Brissy on Friday morning!
  • It's weird, i thought that after the last weigh in (Wed 10 August) i would feel like slacking off.  But that has not happened!  My exercise and nutrition hasn't changed at all.  I'm really pleased that the lifestyle is continuing even though I am not accountable to weigh ins for a few weeks.  Let's hope it lasts!  My mind is still so strong... tick!

All the hard work is definitely paying off :)  Will be signing up for Round 3 before I head to the gym tomorrow morning :)  Who's joining me?

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