Thursday, August 25, 2011

Splash thanks Michelle & Crew

Michelle Bridges
  • I thank you for  your years of knowledge and experience that has created an empire that is transforming people's lives everyday
  • Nothing I say or do can truly show you how thankful I am that I am one of those people
  • You and your 12WBT program have transformed my mind which has allowed me to live the life that everyone deserves
  • You have made me fun sized and I am never going back - I am forever grateful

12 WBT Support Crew
  • Thank you for supporting everyone in the program and getting us through our struggles and celebrating our achievements
  • You are an essential part of this program
  • As a newbie in Round 2 I felt really special when you would comment on my posts and did a little happy dance in my stomach

12WBT Admin and Management
  • Thanks for everything you do behind the scenes that make this program possible
  • The website, Facebook page and emails work like clockwork, so thank you for making this program so easy for us to access

And thank you choosing me!  OMG I still can't believe it.  It's really special to me and I still get shaky and shed a tear when I think about the presentation on Saturday night.  It's an awesome feeling that I will never forget.
At the end of the day, the words in this blog post really don't explain how thankful I am... but this amazing life I am living and will continue to live says a million words.

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