Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Round 3 PreSeason Week 3 Weigh In

Round 3 PreSeason Week 3 Weigh In
Weight 72.3kg
This week lost  1.9 kg (2.62%)
Round 3 PreSeason weight loss 1.9 kg (2.62%)
28 week weight loss 37.3kg (34%)

Great week. Exercised approx 500cal per day average HR 150 (excluding 1034 cal high intensity Thursday). Ate well. Weird how I have dropped a big amount this week after 2 weeks of no loss, without exercising at a high intensity every day. I will maintain medium intensity training for another week and see what next week's results are.

Oh and i have good news... I tried on bikini tops on Sunday and this body is bikini top ready!!! I have NEVER tried them on before and I'm wrapped!!! And I'm comfortable in short boardies now instead of long ones.

Oh and I got my boat and jet ski license on Monday so this summer will be confidently spent at the beach with my family playing with the new jet ski (we pick it up this weekend)... I'm excited!!!

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