Monday, August 22, 2011

Round 2 2011 Wrap Up

Round 2 has come to an end for Splasharama.  Thanks again for everything, you are all amazing and I have had a blast.

What prizes did I win?
  • My new healthy lifestyle forever :)
  • 4 night trip for 2 to Thailand or Bali
  • Athletes Foot Voucher
  • Adidas Voucher
  • Polar FT60 Heart Rate Monitor
  • Tanita Body Fat Monitor Scales
  • Starshots Photography makeover session and photo credits

Where are Pics of the finale party?
Right here… FINALLY!!!!  Enjoy.
There was Edge of Glory by Lady Gaga originally playing in the background but I don't know if you can view the link .

Congratulations to both Clint and Kate for making Top 3.  It was an honour to be standing with them on stage on Saturday night as I find them both truly amazing.  I know they will continue to succeed and continue inspiring so many others to improve their lifestyles.  There was so much inspiration and excitement in the room.  I'm so glad i got to experience that.  Here's a short vid that was played at the party that is so inspiring.

And a massive congratulations to two of my 12WBT friends that made Top 10 - Nicmack and Mooboofoo.  They are both beautiful people and I am so proud of their acheivements.

That's my last Round 2 2011 post.  Time to get into Round 3 and complete all the pre-season tasks - I'm one week behind already!

Bye everyone, see you in the forums and I'll be back blogging soon...

Your body will do what ever your mind tells it... so tell it good things!!!

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  1. Wow, congrats on your amazing win! Thanks for the slide show, I didn't get to brassy but I'm hoping to make it to the next finally! You look amazing...well done.