Saturday, August 20, 2011

Round 2 2011 Finale Brisbane Part 2 20/8/11

Wow what a day so far!  I'm on a total high and don't want come down.

  • Ski Chic and I slept well last night as we were exhausted from shopping yesterday.
  • We got up, ate a healthy breakfast in our room and got all geared up ready to hit Ballymore Stadium to train with Mish and her crew.
  • The cab driver ran a red light and had no idea where he was going, even though we gave him a map!!!  But we got there on time.
  • Here's a pic of Ski chic and I at the stadium.
  •  I got to meet some of the Mini comp Team!!!  Yay!!!  Ute, Nicmack, Snow Bear and x-tina all came up and we exchanged hugs and kisses.  It was sooooo cool.  We will catch up properly at the party tonight and hopefully takes some pic.
  • The Support Crew were great to meet in person and really encouraging.  Ski Chic, Nicmack and I had our pic taken with Gabi and we had a great long chat about the Round 3 Newbies.
  •  We warmed up with Mish then hit the stations with the trainers. I started in the advanced group but quickly changed down to the intermediate group when i could not keep up with the running.

    We did bootcamp style training for about 50 minutes and then an aerobic cool down and stretch with Mish.  I burnt 480 calories and broke 1 nail. Mish came round to each group during the boot camp and trained us for about 5 minutes.  I got to give her a high 5... still totally on a high about that!!!  Ski Chic got to high 5 her twice!!!  Wooohoooo!

    Didn't get our pic take with Mish at training but we will line up for a pic tonight and hope for the best.
    Time to snooze then get myself looking hot for tonight's party!!!

    I will post tomorrow with all the finale party goss and pics :)

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  1. I was standing behind you at the beginning of the workout - I noticed your blog address on the back of your shirt. Great workout (and I didn't have any nails to start off with)

    Cheers Liz N (