Sunday, August 7, 2011

Calories 7/8/11

8.30am weight - 75.6kg

Exercise - 900cal
- 5 min warm up on Bike
- 1hr Step Class
- 1hr Pump class

Food - 1150cal

Net Calories -250
I don't believe it.  I only netted 250 cals yesterday but I apparently put on 500g since yesterday??  Must have been the litre of water I drank during the Sh'Bam class in the afternoon!  
My body was sore all over this morning from Pump yesterday, as I had not done pump for over 3 weeks.  However, I chose to exercise today instead of having a rest day as there is only 3 days until the last weigh in... gotta burn those cals so the scales make me smile on Wednesday :)  

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