Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Eating Out Tips

Splash's Top 10 Tips for Eating Out 

When I have planned to eat out, I exercise 1000 cals that morning, I eat up to 600 cals only during the day (usually 3 small meals of 200 cals) so that I have 600 cals free for dinner incase the food is oily or if I eat a bit more than I should or if I taste someone else's dessert, etc...  And I always have a glass of water to sip - it was just handy. 

I found eating out became more about the social aspect than the food and that was really really cool for me.  I engage in conversations more now rather than think of and eat 3 courses of fatty sweet food all night. 

The important thing is PLAN if you CAN :). So, the steps I follow when eating out are: 

1 - Get a copy of the menu beforehand.

2 - Order one meal rather than three courses.

3 - Avoid the rices and pastas as the serves will be way too big and it's hard to only eat 1/3 of the meal without people questioning you.

4 - Look for grilled options as they may be a good choice.

5 - Ask for dressing or sauce on the side so you can just taste it rather than eat it all.

6 - I usually choose (in this order preference)    
      A - a salad with dressing on the side    
      B - an entre as my main meal   
      C - grilled fish, chicken or meat 

7 - A salad can be be boring though so make sure you don't feel left out if you order salad.  Order a fancy one with salmon or chicken or octopus (if you like those things and they are not fried).

8 - If you choose a meat dish, make sure it's not crumbed or fried or drenched in sauce. A grilled one is a better choice.  Ask for sauce on the side if you can and just dip the meat in it a couple of times to taste it then don't eat the rest. Look for steamed veggies too in these meals.

9 - Portion size is important.  You'll be realizing the 12WBT portion size is small when you cook the meals at home so eat similar quantities of protein, veggies/salad when you eat out.

10 - Dessert time!  Ummm enjoy a cup of tea (and just taste a teaspoon of someone else's if you really really need to).  I never ate sweets during my weight loss phase, not even on my birthday - I was on a mission and NOTHING was going to tempt me.

Let me know if this helps you by leaving a comment below, or share your tips below too!


  1. Excellent advice. LOVE IT. Will come in handy. Thank you

  2. Great blog post! I've got a red flag day coming up with two events in the same day, and it's supposed to be my shopping day as well so it has come in handy!!!

  3. Hope you find it useful ladies :) And enjoy eating out!