Thursday, January 19, 2012

R1 2012 PST 2

What are my problems?
1 - I can't be bothered getting out of bed so I have a debate in my head regarding whether I should get up and train or not.
2 - I don't care anymore.
3 - I'm already at goal and can slack off.
4 - I try to talk myself into a bad situation such as not training or eating something that is not on my plan.
5 - I don't have time to get to the gym.
6 - It's raining or too hot outside so I cant go for a run.
7 - I have had an illness since October (and still have it) that basically doesn't allow me to train as my body is always tired and weak (sometimes a little and sometimes a lot).

How am i going to solve them?
1 - Stop thinking and implement "Planarama" like I did all year in 2011 .
2 - Stop thinking  like that because deep down I know this is the best I have ever felt and I do actually care about and love myself now.
3 - What a load of rubbish.  "Planarama" is my lifestyle so JFDI.  Look at old pictures that disguast me as a reminder of what slacking off will do.
4 - Stop thinking and analysing and stick to the plan.  It's my lifestyle now.
5 - Do one of my "No Excuses" at home workout that I developed so you save on travel time.
6 - Do one of my "No Excuses" at home workout that I developed as the weather doesn't affect it
7a - Stick to 1200-1400 calories of food per day when I can't exercise as what I eat IS in my control.
7b - set my alarm early as if I am going to get up and train.  Assess how my body feels when my alarm goes off  and make the decision then, don't assume I won't be up to it as I have managed 7 x 30min really light training sessions in the last 3.5 months.  That is better than nothing!


  1. Well done Mary. It's hard not to get fatigued and battle weary fighting the weight loss war. Someone once said to me, "instead of fighting the weight loss tide in order to swim to the shore, why not accept you are a strong swimmer, go with the current and land in a safe place that's just as good but not quite where you thought."
    I think the point they were making to me was that I wouldn't get so tired of managing my weight if I didn't see it as a battle.
    The hardest part is you can have a holiday from work but there's no holiday break from taking care of your body.
    You are doing an awesome job. Keep going.

  2. Planarama?? I LOVE IT!!! You are doing such an amazing job. Don't forget to take time to tell yourself just how awesome you really are!! Be kind to yourself. You're amazing. Believe it.