Monday, July 4, 2011


My type of Planning - now some may call it Obsessive Compulsive Disorder… but I call it Essential.  I'm a well-planned and well-organised person, always have been and always will be.  I'm single and have my own apartment so the only person I have to organise is me :)

This is my usual routine, every weeknight and day:
  1. 30 minutes before going to bed I make my breakfast, lunch and 2 snacks for work the next day and put them in the fridge
  2. I enter each meal into MyFitnessPal app on my iPhone for the next day so I know how many calories they add up to
  1. I pack my gym bag and set out my workout gear for the next morning
  1. Bed time is around 9pm on weeknights, unless I have a social thing on
  1. Wake up 5.30am, get dressed for the gym, grab my gym bag and food and off to the gym I go
  1. I workout for between 50mins  to 1hr & 50mins before work and burn 500-900 calories
  2. I get ready for work at the  gym
  3. I basically eat something every 2-3 hours at work.  I will also have one or two hot drinks at work and some  cold water.   If I didn’t plan from home, I would be thinking of food all day!  I will go out for lunch probably once every three weeks.  I prefer to bring my own lunch so I know there are no hidden calories.
  4. I head home and have dinner around 6.30pm.  Then I enter the dinner cals into my iPhone app
  5. The night is free for me to do whatever, then I start back at number 1

  • I usually food shop on the weekend and cook up some lunches and dinners to freeze for the week (230-300cal per serve).
  • I usually make a sandwich for breakfast as it fills me up after a big workout. My favourite filling is mushrooms, tzaziki and lettuce (approx 220cal).
  • My favourite snacks are Forme yoghurt (70cal), Special K breakfast bars (90cal) and frozen stewed apples (150cal for 2 apples).  The frozen stewed apples are great heated up in the microwave.

We have heaps of morning teas at work.  I used to join in and eat the food that was no good for me.  Now I still attend the morning teas and either just have a warm drink or I take my own snack.   I often wonder if the others feel uncomfortable with me there but not eating their food?  If they comment on how they shouldn’t be eating the chocolate or whatever, I reply with "If it makes you feel good, then eat it :) ". 

This is how I plan to ensure I stick to the program.  What works for you?


  1. Wow... I aspire to be this organized!!! I really try, have best plans but then butt gets on couch and eyes close... So sleep usually comes before bed... Lol

    Brilliant planning, I am quite good with planning dinners and meal plans etc, breakfast usually same each day.. Or alternate between oats and fruit or boiled egg with toast.... Oh and coffee!!

    My goal for next round, is to plan breakkie and lunches as well..... I have said it, now it must be done!!!

    Thanks splash for sharing.


  2. Hi Pippa, Thanks for your message.

    It's all in the planning for me. If i don't plan my food and exercise, i basically dont do it and eat the wrong things. So that 15-30 minutes i spend planning every night is essential.

    All the best in planning your other daily meals and don't forget to plan when you train too :)

    Hope you achieve all your goals!

  3. Great idea entering your meals for the next day into MFP. Might have to try that. I have been making that an excuse for the last few days.

    1. I found MFP to be really good for tracking and keeping me honest when i was losing weight. I use it occasionally now when i need to pull in the reigns and be more accountable.
      All the best Leah!

  4. Hi Splash,
    I met you for a mo and a photo after Melbourne workout...v inspiring to meet you!
    I am looking for tips in your blog, thanks it's a great blog. I'm going to look into the Dex scan too.
    Please can I ask- do you really put in your food intake into my fitness pal the night before? Thats such a great idea. I have kids and seem to prepare food all day. It may be a great way for me to shut my mouth and not put those little meals in every hour.

    Love and light, Roo

    1. When I'm working towards specific goals, I sure do enter in breakfast, lunch and snacks into MyFitnessPal Ruth. My Fitness Pal keeps my honest. If it isn't in My Pal, then i do not eat it at work.
      I have weeks where i go it alone and dont use it just to make the lifestyle a bit more normal. But when I have goals to smash, eating clean is absolutely essential so MyFitnessPal is an excellent tool.
      Give it a go and you will find what works for you :)

  5. for ur sandwich do u use wheat bread or a wrap?

    1. Wheat Bread Sandwich
      Anothere example:
      2 Slices Coles White Sandwich Bread
      40g Tomato
      1 Iceberg Lettuce Leaf
      2/3 of 95g tin Sirena Tuna in oil
      220 calories

  6. for ur sandwich do u use wheat bread or a wrap?

    1. Wheat Bread - Coles White Sandwich Sliced Bread