Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Round 3 Week 6 Weigh In

Week 6 Weigh In
Heaviest weight 109.6kg
Today's weight 65.5kg
BMI 27.26
This week lost  1.0kg (1.50%)
Round 3 weight loss 5.6kg (7.88%)
34 week weight loss 44.1kg (40.23%)

  • So the weight loss looks great but I'm trying to stay the same weight now
  • I have lost 40% of my starting weight now and I'm very happy here (SQUEEEE!)
  • I have been eating pretty clean (apart from some Tiny Teddy biscuits on the weekend that I could have done without)
  • My body is a bit broken at the moment so that is limiting my training capabilities
  • I have a left hip joint derangement which means no cardio or lower body work for another 6 weeks (I am seeing a hip specialist physio for this)
  • I have been doing only upper body strength training for the last fortnight due to my hip
  • It seems I have over trained my right arm as I now have injured my right shoulder rotator cuff therefore I can't train my right arm or lift it abve my should for about 3 weeks
  • All is not lost!  My gym instructor gave me a list of suitable exercises so i will do them until my right shoulder heals.  However i will be training less as i don't want to injure my only good arm!
  • Oh and I am allowed to gently ride a stationary bike again so that is also a positive too
  • It's not easy when your body can't do what your mind wants it to.  But I am accepting it and moving on as I don't want to make my injuries worse.

Wishing you all a great second half of Round 3!

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