Monday, October 10, 2011

Over Training Under Eating = Not Ideal

Nobody is perfect.  You learn from your experiences.  I am going to share a story about me in the two weeks after the Round 2 final weigh in.  A few people are currently in a similar situation to mine so I feel it is rather timely to blog about this.  Please remember that everyone's body is different so your situation my be different.

Under Eating
Two weeks after the Round 2 Week 12 weigh in I was on an absolute high.  I had hit my aim of losing 20% of my body weight in 12 weeks and I felt like I could achieve anything.

I loved the feeling of achieving results and I wanted more.  During the two weeks following the Week 12 weigh in I was still training 90 mins per day (6 days per week)and burning 750-900cals on average. I decided to eat less than 1200cals. I was a machine on a mission, obsessed with low cals and more exercise. And you know what??? I lost zero kilos for those two weeks!!  ZERO!!  I thought to myself "How on earth can i not have lost weight this fortnight??"  I was absolutely shocked so I had a discussion with my sister.  She had read in the 12WBT Round 1 forums that under eating can sometimes put your body into a type of starvation mode so it doesn't respond the way you think it will to less food.  Anyway it turns out my body did not like less food.  I felt pretty tired during that fortnight too.  I went back to training 600cals per day and eating 1200cals per day and guess what?? The weight started dropping off again and I just generally felt better.

Over Training
I'm following the Lean & Strong program this Round but I am contradicting that by training for a 7km fun run.  Therefore I have lost 4.6kg in 4 weeks.  I am meant to be maintaining my weight but the running that I am doing is burning up more energy than i should be.  I pulled a nerve in my left leg last week and it is almost a blessing in disguise.  I can't do any lower body training or running for 1-2 weeks.  So I have been sticking to the upper body Lean & Strong sessions for almost a week so far.  I will wait for Wednesday's weigh in to see the results but I can tell that the weight hasn't fallen off this week like every other week and I am wrapped!  I will continue with upper body Lean & Strong until my leg recovers and then follow the whole Lean and Strong program properly.

Some people have been telling me that they are over exercising and that is causing them to eat more.  And they are slowly gaining weight and getting really down about it.  If you use more energy, your body will want you to consume more energy so it can keep up with all the additional training.  If you eat more you are less likely to feel tired all the time like I did for the two weeks above.  It's science, it just makes sense.

What's Your Point Splash?
The point of this post is that you need to listen to your body.  I felt really tired for those two weeks I mentioned above so that should have been a light bulb moment where I figured out what I was doing wasn't right.  But I just kept doing it thinking I would feel better soon.

Mish's program works. I can't stress that enough.  Whether you are following Lean & Fit or Lean & Strong, it works.  I stuck to Lean & Fit in Round 2.  Even when i had the flu and didn't exercise for a fortnight, I ate clean and the right amount.    In terms of weight loss, Lean & Fit worked perfectly for my body.  And I am led to believe that Lean & Strong will get me toned and looking hot.  I'm looking forward to monitoring my body shape and weight over the remainder of Round 3 as I know I can weigh about the same but still improve my fitness and strength which, in the end, creates the best version of me ever :)

Refocus and JFDI
In summary, if you are in a similar situation:
  1. Go back and do your preseason tasks again.  Get your mind in the right place.
  1. Choose a program to follow and stick to it like glue (L&F or L&S).
  1. Choose goals that match the program you are following (eg:  doing Lean & Strong and training for a fun run may not be the best combination). 
  1. Plan out your training and nutrition, don't think about and just fricken do it.
  1. Create the best version of you ever... forever :)

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