Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The old habits I replaced

On Sunday’s video Mish spoke about replacing an old habit with a new habit.  These are some of the things I replaced in Round 2 to help me.  I still do them today as they are a part of my lifestyle now.

  • I replaced focusing on my work as my number 1 priority of the day with focusing on me as my number 1 priority of the day (and I am now much more productive at work so it was a great decision)
  • I replaced thinking about doing things with actually doing things
  • I replaced going out for coffee with friends and ordering cheesecake with going out for coffee and enjoying the social aspect
  • I replaced buying a 400cal cookie/muesli slice from the vending machine at 3pm each day with eating a 85cal muesli bar
  • I replaced eating when I was "pretend hungry" (all the time) with eating when I was "actually hungry"
  • I replaced stopping training when my mind was "pretend tired" with doing a 5min cool down when my body was "actually tired"
  • I replaced buying my lunch with preparing my lunch at home
  • I replaced cooking junk on the weekend when I was bored with going to the gym
  • I replaced high sugar cereal with Special K and Wheat Bix
  • I replaced cooking junk on the weekend with cooking healthy meals to put in the freezer for quick meals during the week
  • I replaced buying large full cream lattes with a long black and a dash of milk (I still have sugar and count the cals)
  • I replaced sleeping in with early morning training
  • I replaced getting worried and anxious about my work and other things in my life with JFDI
  • I replaced using food as a reward with clothes shopping as a reward (new gym gear mainly in Round 2.  Now I just buy everything that I love J)

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