Thursday, October 6, 2011

New Habits of Newbies

A team of ladies at work are doing 12WBT Round 3 for the first time.  We have fortnightly meetings at work and share experiences, ask questions and basically provide support to each other.  

After watching Mish's vid on Sunday 2 October about replacing old habits with new habits, they shared their old/new habits with me.  And they are kind enough to allow me to share them with all of you too! 

Here is a snap shot of 3 Newbies, that in just 4 short weeks have replaced some old habits with great new habits.  I am so proud of them for their commitment to changing their lives.  And I'm so glad they are sharing  their new habits with all of you.  Thanks NuttyNat, Jo B & Tracey3076 and i know you have what it takes to achieve your goals.

  • ·         I replaced my afternoon low-blood sugar chocolate fix with bringing 2 healthy snacks to work every day and drinking more water
  • ·         I replaced bringing leftover pasta/risotto for lunch with waking up earlier to make my 12WBT lunches
  • ·         I replaced vegging out watching TV at night with going to the gym after dinner and watching TV while on the cross-trainer (or doing a class and not caring that I miss some stupid show!)
  • ·         I replaced eating cereal at night after a workout with eating a piece of fruit or 12WBT dessert like the apple tart (only if I haven’t snacked much that day)
  • ·         I replaced eating fast food to keep me going on my busy weekends with planning my meals and making sure I always have a snack with me
  • ·         I replaced my fruit drink (called juice but I doubt it had any real fruit in it!) with water for breakfast
  • ·         I replaced my sugary cereal with natural muesli, or whatever breakies are on the menu for that day
  • ·         I replaced buying chocolate biscuits, chocolate bars and mixed lollies each week with heaps more fresh fruit

Jo B
  • ·         I have replaced driving to the gym on my days off work with walking to the gym.
  • ·         I have replaced a white tea with sugar with a peppermint tea no sugar.
  • ·         I have replaced looking in the pantry with pouring a glass of water.

  • ·         I have replaced purchasing packaged foods from the supermarket with buying fresh foods from the Fruit & Vegie markets
  • ·         I have replaced staying in bed when the alarm goes off with getting up and working out
  • ·         I have replaced driving to work with walking to walk
  • ·         I have replaced complaining about my weight to doing something about it
  • ·         I have replaced my 20 year old scales with new electronic scales
  • ·         I have replaced snacking on chocolate in the evening with eating some fruit

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