Friday, October 7, 2011

Looking on the bright side

I like my blog to be positive, but I also like to keep it real.

I pulled a nerve in the top of my leg on Tuesday. It is constantly a bit painful and it is causing various numb spots in my leg and foot. My doc last night said it means no running for 1-2 weeks to let it fully heal. But my doc was also very positive and said "Don't stop training as you are doing such a great thing. I don't want you to change your routine. Stick to upper body work until your leg heals".  
So even though I may have to skip the fun run I have been training for on 23 October, with 2 weeks of upper body strength training ahead of me I'm going to have a great set of guns and awesome abs!

Life happens, no point stressing, just deal with it :)

Update - my hip/leg took about 2 months to heal


  1. You're pretty inspirational Ms. Mary, do you know that?

    1. Thanks Tanya.
      I'm just normal with a determined streak :)