Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Huge Goal - Baby Steps

Huge Goal - Baby Steps

My huge goal
I will lose 40kg in 2011.  That is the huge goal I set myself in February 2011.  I wrote it down along with my start weight of 109.6kg and goal weight of 69kg. Then I put that goal aside and didn't think about it.

Why 40kg?  
Because I have weighed 69kg twice before for very short periods (as a teenager and then in my early 20ies) and knew it was achievable.

Why set the goal and forget about it?
Because a huge goal like that may seem unachievable at times. I didn't want to get overwhelmed by it and give up in the early days.

Baby steps and mini goals
Over the last 8 months I have set myself mini-goals to keep me focused and achieving.  Achieving these goals made me feel fantastic and wanting more. I loved the results and that kept me focused and determined to never give up.  These are a snapshot of my mini-goals.  Set mini-goals that are realistic and meaningful to you.
- 5 mins more cardio tomorrow
- 10 mins more cardio tomorrow
- heart rate at 160bpm average for 30mins non-stop cardio for the next 3 training sessions
- no rice cakes for one week (I got a bit addicted at one stage!!!)
- fit into size 16 Jay Jays jeans
- fit into size 14 Jay Jays jeans
- fit into size 12 Jay Jays jeans
- lose 1.5kg this week (and plan how to make it happen)
- train minimum 750cals per session for the next 5 days
- fit into my 21st dress for a formal event in June 2011 (I did it and I felt like a princess that night even though I just blended in with the crowd)
- start the Learn To Run Program
- run the whole 1km fitness test non stop for the first time
- run 2km non stop
- run until my legs can't run anymore (3.6km)
- Fun Run training - run 7km non-stop twice per week
- register for and complete a fun run
- improve on fitness tests by a certain percentage
- fit into size 12 Esprit clothes
- fit into size 10 Esprit clothes
- don't add salt to food for a fortnight to break the habit
- don't add sugar to tea anymore
- don't eat after 6.30pm
- replace an old habit with a new habit each week.
- when I think of eating bad food on the weekend, go to the gym instead.
- rest hip and do only upper body training for a fortnight
- add 2 Pump classes to my training schedule
- change one gym cardio session to one Step class
- do back to back Step & Pump every second Sunday and take a day off during the week instead.

With achievements come rewards - it's only fair.  I would reward myself with these types of things:
- new work out gear
- new clothes
- new sports socks
- create a new low fat low cal recipe
- create a new snack
- design and complete a new training session
- new hair style
- order a 12WBT Zazzle tshirt
- socialise with friends to show them my new clothes
- go to the movies
- buy a bikini for the first time
- create a bucket list and do it
- renew fitness instructor and water aerobics instructor qualification
- get boat license and personal watercraft license
- get new drivers license photo taken at goal weight
- take an honest friend window shopping and get advice on what styles suit you.
- book into a free Westfield Styling Session to get advice on the upcoming seasons fashion.
- Hire a fashion consultant (approx $500-$1500)

What works for you.
All of the above worked and continues to work for me.  The rewards can get expensive so choose things that suit your individual situation.  Everybody is different so set goals that are challenging yet achieveable for you.  You don't want the "this is too hard so I'm giving up" excuse to make an appearance so my advice is to keep it simple and achievable so you don't get overwhelmed.

Good luck everyone!

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  1. Firstly I just wanted to say, I have followed your blog since I started way back in Round 2 of 2011 and you have been such a great inspiration. Keep up the great work as I know there are plenty more of us lurkers. Well done babe. You rock! Thank you also for sharing your goals. I have struggled each round to make achievable goals. I love what you have done and going to borrow a few (a lot) to achieve my last 23kgs lost this year. xxx

    1. Borrow away Felicity. Breaking it down was the key as you don't want to overwhelm yourself. There is enough to plan and implement without thinking "How on earth am i going to lose all this weight??"
      Good luck with setting and achieving your goals :) A strong mind will get you there!