Sunday, October 16, 2011

How I lost 43 kilos in 2011 - slideshow style

Here's a little slide show I put together of pics showing my 43 kilo weight loss this year.  You can do this!

Update 17/10/11 - Here's a message I posted to my Mini Comp Team today with the slideshow above...
Hi Mini Comp Team,

It's Week 6 - half way! Yay! As some of you haven't been emailing your weights the last couple of weeks, I thought maybe a pick-me-up is needed. So last night I put together a little slide show of how i lost 43kg this year. I am just a normal person and I did it, so you can do it too smile

I have posted this on other forums too as generally some people are feeling disheartened about their journey so far. I didn't make the slide show to brag, I made it to show that a normal person can make a change and achieve her goals. If I can do it, so can you.

I really really hope you make the most of this program as the results can be amazing if you stop thinking and just do what Mish says. I have been really struggling to get out of bed to train the last 2 weeks knowing that i can't do any cardio at the gym (I'm a cardio freak!). But you know what? Lean and Strong is doing great things to my body and I know that not getting out of bed is NOT an option, so I JFDI. My daily priorities now are:
1. Train
2. Eat right
3. Go to work
So basically if I don't get up to train in the morning, then I don't go to work. THAT is how IMPORTANT training is to me.

I really hope you all stay committed and get to where you want to go smile And if you slip up, put it behind you, forget about it and just keep going smile



  1. Wow, that slideshow is inspirational. I've seen you on the forums but I didn't know your story. Well DONE!! You must be so proud.

  2. Hello, I heard you like the technogym crossover machine? What kind of workouts did you do on it in order to lose weight? Thanks!

  3. what a fantastic change you've made - i have just signed up for the 12wbt round 1 in 2012 and have about the same amount of weight to los that you did. it can be done!!!!! i'll certainly be returning to your blog for inspiration...

  4. PlonkeyDonkey - Thanks so much for your kind words. Hope you are achieving your goals with 12WBT too :)

    mq90910 - my workouts on the crossover weren't very exciting. my aim was to get my heart rate to 165bpm average and keep there for as long as my legs would last. I eventually worked up to Level 9 for about 75mins non-stop. but i started on about level 3 for 30 mins 11 months ago. I would just plug in my ipod and go to the beat of the music at a usual speed of 130 rpm

    Janie D - Congrats for signing up to 12WBT. If you do exactly what Mish says, you will get fantastic results. All the best!