Saturday, July 2, 2011

Who's Your Crew??

Changing my lifestyle is definitely not a one person job.

Here's a  shout out to my support crew

• 12WBT Round 1 & 2 2011 participant
• I text her how many calories I burn every morning after training
• She invites me over for dinner about twice per week and cooks a 'Michelle' recipe
• Listens to my crap and puts things into perspective for me
• We call eachother 'Skinny' now

My Mum
• quietly proud of my achievements ('the look' she gives me is a proud one now)
• Cooks healthy options for family dinner for me

• tells me I look cute and that I have done a great job and don't need to lose more weight.

Other sister
• Cooks healthy options for family dinner for me

4 Nephews
• they tell me I look good
• one does the 12WBT fitness tests with me

1 work colleague 
• is my Thursday morning training buddy to ensure we both make it to the gym
• listens to my crap, joins in, exchanges advice and makes me feel good

2 cousins doing the 12WBT too
• share experiences and keep each other on track

a handful of other family and friends
• they ask how the program is going, tell me I look fantastic and make me feel really good

So it's taken a crew of about 15 people to help me lose 25kg (& I still have 15kg to go).  In my opinion, if you think you can do this on your own you are kidding yourself.

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