Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Rebel Wilson Jenny Craig TV Ad

I absolutely hate this ad!  

"I'm going to start my diet on Monday"... When will people stop calling it a diet?!?!?  It's a change in lifestyle and it is FOREVER.

I am finally at the stage where the people around me don't say "How's the diet going?" because I knocked that language on the head at the start of the year.  I keep telling everyone that this lifestyle I am leading is forever and I'm not on a diet.  So now the questions are "Is your fitness improving?", "How's your health?", "You look great, you must still be training really hard".

We are so lucky to have Mich and her 12WBT Team teaching us new lifestyle habits for life.  We just need everyone else to stop living in the 80's diet era and start actually living :)

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