Saturday, July 2, 2011

My Crew Just Grew!

OMG I can't believe what i heard today.

After my morning Pump class I spoke to the Pump Instructor (that I thought didn't know me as I have only attend 3 classes).  I asked her a question and she replied with "I follow your blog, I thought I recognised you :)"  I freaked out!  I had just met a person that i don't know, that is following my blog and is now my Pump Instructor!  I was sooooooo embarrassed and rather overwhelmed.  She had lovely words of praise and encouragement, that I really appreciate.  She's an awesome instructor by the way :)  She's now officially in my Crew.

Anyway, this got me thinking that my Crew doesn't consist of 15 people... my Crew is HUGE!  There are so many indirect Crew members supporting me including:
  • Sat Morning Pump Instructor
  • Tues Morning Pump instructor
  • Gym Instructors
  • Other work colleagues that randomly compliment me and ask how my healthy lifestyle is going
  • Old friends that I bump into that haven't seen me for years and notice my changes.
  • All the 12WBT team members that follow my blog and read my forum posts
  • Michelle Bridges (of course!!!)
So yeah, a little light bulb went off this morning that absolutely proves this is definitely not a one woman journey.


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