Monday, July 25, 2011

I'm the best version of me ever

It's Monday 25 July 2011 and I'm lying in bed reflecting on who I am.

It's my birthday and I'm now 34 years old.  Happy Birthday Me!  I have so many things to be happy about:
- I have the fittest body since I was 14 and a swimmer.  I can do 2 hours non-stop aerobic activity at a heart rate of 155bpm without getting puffed out and needing to be rushed to hospital!  Imagine being fitter now than 20 years ago? I never saw that coming.
- although I have weighed about 7kg lighter briefly in my early 20ies, I have the healthiest body I have ever had.  I don't abuse it with sugar and fat anymore and I have so much energy.  Eating fruit and veg actually is good for me... who would have thought??
- I'm physically the smallest size I have been since a teenager and that gives me so much confidence.
- I have the strongest mind I have ever had.  I used to hate the saying "you can do anything you put your mind to" as it made no sense to me.  Did it mean that if I thought about being Prime Minister it would just happen?? Did it mean if I thought about running in a 10km fun run it would just happen??  No, it means the body will do every tiny or huge thing that the mind tells it, so tell it good things.  I tell mine to not think & just do, to get up and train hard while the world is still asleep, to stay away from chocolate, to never eat fried food, to plan each day in advance, to not let anyone cloud my focus, to think of myself first, to not care about people's perceptions of me (and many other things) that all piece together to get me to my goal... and it's working a treat.

I'm 34 and the best version of me ever.  I won't let this feeling change :)

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