Wednesday, December 4, 2013

12WBT R4 2013 Week 4 Squee!

Slow and steady will get me to my goals.  Here's the Week 4 update.

I've been participating in this round of the 12WBT program for almost four weeks and it's time to measure my progress.  I have exercised only 3 times and have followed the nutrition about 90% of the time.

In four weeks I have:
* lost 1cm from my right upper arm
* lost 2cm from my right thigh
* lost 2cm from my chest
* lost 5cm from my waist
* lost 3cm from my butt
* lost 3.5kg

I am trilled with my results and will continue doing what I did in the last four weeks.  Not only does my body feel better but my mind is in such a positive place.  I'm slowly feeling more comfortable in my clothes and I can wear my jeans again because the muffin top is gone!

My body is shrinking slower than it did in 2011.  I'm taking a slow and steady approach this time and not following the program 100%.  Weight loss is not my first priority, managing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is.  I am thrilled I have done so well and I feel ok too.

One big red flag is a theme park holiday next week.  I plan to have fun at the theme parks and indulge in a couple of treats. I won't return from holidays any heavier as it is just not worth it.  My mind is too happy to undo my hard work.