Saturday, January 7, 2012

What are YOU waiting For??

I'm proof that if you do exactly what Mish says you will get results.  Stop thinking about it and just fricken do it. 
You have to commit to making a change,
it will hurt at times,
you have to plan every day,
you have to forget your old habits and create new ones,
you will accept that junk food is not real food,
not everyone will support you (and that is ok),
you will make great new friends and lose people you thought were your friends,
you will think you can't do it (but you can) and
you won't necessary like everything about it...
but what's the alternative?
Do you want to live like you have in the past? I certainly don't want to be 110 kilos again. 62 kilos suits me soooooooo much better.

It's the choices you make now that will determine the future. Choosing 12WBT now will have awesome outcomes in the future, beyond weight loss. 
You will be a fit, healthy, proud, confident, positive and glowing person. 
You won't be self conscious, you won't be uncomfortable in social situations, you will enjoy summer and going to the beach, you will fit in all the rides at the QLD theme parks, you will be comfortable in aeroplane seats, you wont get puffed out walking up a flight of stairs, you can join in with outdoor sports at family picnics, you can buy clothes in the styles you love instead of having to buy the clothes that fit but you don't really like, you can wear sexy stiletto heels all day long, your legs won't rub together, you will look and feel good in bathers/shorts/singlets, you will take up hobbies that you have always loved but were too large to participate in, you will be able to keep up with the energy levels of your kids, you will love yourself for the first time and you will discover your real personality shines through. 
That all sounds pretty awesome to me.

Stop thinking about it... Choose


  1. Splasharama, You are a good ambassador to the program and a great role model by providing inspiration to those that need it most. Keep up the good work!!

  2. OMG splash I love this, you are so right, I've learned recently not everyone will support you but thats ok I'm not going back to sad 95.5kg Megan ever. True friends stay with you through the good and bad, hence why I realised in the end that Mish is a true friend. But needed to do something at the time to make me happy again, and realize this. Mish and Shannan both will be my matter how far I get with both trainers..I admire them both so much, and you splash, are truely and inspiration

  3. Thanks ladies for your messages.
    I just did exactly what Mish said plus extra training once I was fit enough because I loved how it made me feel. I'm pretty determined and nothing was going to stop me losing 40kg last year. 2011 was my year and the future looks awesome because of it.
    I hope 2012 brings you both health and happiness :). You get what you put in to do whatever it takes.
    All the best,