Monday, January 2, 2012

Virtual Fashion Parade 2 to 8 January 2012

Virtual Fashion Parade !!!
Time to be a Model for a Week on Splash's Facebook Catwalk! 
Please take a pic of you in your favourite workout gear and post it on my facebook page.
I'm sure we have some lovely fashionable (and some really daggy & comfy!) items to make up a Virtual Fashion Parade!
All shapes and sizes are wanted and needed on this catwalk.
So who's modelling with me?? 


  1. The day I fit into anything Lorna Jane (right now I'm far more Gloria Jean) I'll be posting it on EVERYONE'S Facebook page! You look fantastic!

  2. LOL thanks. I only began fitting into LJ clothes properly about 5kg ago. I found their clothes really small and just not flattering for me. I was an Adidas Addict in 2011. Their clothes wash and wear really well. They are cheap from the outlets in Melbourne.
    Prior to Adidas gear I worked out in whatever cheap trackies fit me :) All the best for posting that pic of yours on everyone's page soon!!!

  3. What a fan-tab-ulous I idea hon!!