Sunday, January 22, 2012

Starshots Photography Experience 3 December 2011

I was super lucky and very grateful to have won a Starshots Photography photo shoot in August 2011, as part of the 12WBT Round 2 2011 program.  I waited until December 2011, when I was looking my best, to get the photos taken.  It was my reward to me for a year of commitment, consistency, determination and hard work.  My shoot included 4 different costume changes so I had some planning to do… what kinds of images did I want?  I met with the Starshots Knox City Staff to go through my ideas the week before the shoot.

Image 1 Outfit
I wanted a pic in my workout gear and I wanted my stomach in the image.  I have never had the confidence to show it in public and now was the time.

Image 1 Pose
I love a pic of Michelle Bridges and I wanted a pose similar.

Image 2 Outfit
This was a no brainer.  I wanted a pic in my 12WBT Round 2 2011 Brisbane finale party dress.  It was such a special moment for me and I wanted it captured forever. 

Image 2 Pose
I loved the pic of Michelle Bridges in the August 2011 issue of Women's Weekly on the couch.

Image 3 Outfit
I wanted a pic in the dress I would wear to the Round 3 2011 Sydney finale party.  I was at goal weight and have eyed that dress off in French Connection all year hoping that one day it would fit.  It FINALLY fit and it was now mine.

Image 3 Pose
I left this one to the photographer.

Image 4 Outfit
I had no idea.  The consultant asked me who I like and what I like.  I said I love Lady Gaga and her eyes lit up.  They had never done a Gaga themed shoot and the time had come to do it.  Fishnets, a black corset and a disco stick… hmmm do I really have the confidence to do this??  We'll soon find out!

Image 4 Pose
I took along some pics of Gaga that I love.

The Big Day
The 3rd of December 2011 was the big day.  I had never had professional photos taken and I was so nervous about the 4-hour photo shoot ahead of me.  The Starshots Photography Knox City staff were amazing at making me feel relaxed and look fabulous!  It was so much fun.  This video is a summary of my wonderful experience.

Break-through Moment
Now, you will all want to slap me when you read this but… looking at the 80 photos that were taken on a big screen TV brought so many tears to my eyes as I could not believe that I was looking at me.  How can I look like that??  I don't look like that!  My legs aren't that thin.  My arms aren't that defined.  My collarbones aren't that obvious.  The staff had to remind me that it is me… how embarrassing is that??

YES THAT IS YOU SPLASH!!!  It is YOU!!!  Wow what a break through moment for me.  A huge moment looking at the proofs where I finally began to understand what I look like now.  I think I am normal now.  I am happy being normal.  I don't see the "skinny mini", "tiny" or "little" person that my family, friends and work colleagues see.  I see me as just like them.  But thanks to this photo shoot I'm finally starting to understand what I really look like now.  I'm glad the brain is starting to catch up to my body.

Having said that, I still cried and was shaking when I picked up the final prints as, once again, could not believe it was me.  Yes, you can slap me now.
Professional photos are a fantastic reward when you reach your ultimate goal.  You will feel fabulous and maybe have a break-through moment like mine.

Thanks to Michelle Bridges and the 12WBT Crew for a wonderful prize.

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