Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Splash's Personal Workout Challenge January 2012

As you may or may not know, I have an illness that causes me to fatigue quickly and lose strength in my upper body. I have had it since October and I will hopefully be all better by the end of January 2012. I didn't train at all for about 2 months (my body just couldnt do it) and did 3 light training sessions before Christmas.

My January Workout Challenge is to be well enough to:
- Train for 30 mins or 250 calories for a minimum of three times per week.

After each work out I will blog or vlog my workout to stay accountable.

I have also committed to Mish's 100 Push Up & 200 Sit Up Challenges on Facebook to keep me accountable.

I have found it is easy to use my illness as an excuse not to train. Don't get me wrong, most days over the last 3 months I have genuinely not been able to. I only experienced 2 full days where I could actually function properly/normally for the whole day. All other days I would need to rest at some stage as my body would get tired and achy.

Excuses are behind me now. If I wake up feeling ok, I will train and get it out if the way! Evenings are not an option as my body is usually tired by 3pm.

What's your January Challenge? How are you preparing for 12WBT Round 1 2012? What are you committing to in order to conquer 2012?

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