Saturday, January 14, 2012

My brain needs to catch up to my body

I just had a light bulb moment (& this isn't meant to offend anyone so apologies in advance).
I just went to click on the link
to check it out and possibly register. Its a free weight loss challenge initiative.  Then I thought "you have no weight to lose, you can't contribute to this".

Now THAT is something I have not come across before!!!  

I have been over weight all my life so i have always been interested in weight loss articles/programs/promotions. Now they don't apply to me and I keep forgetting.  I have started getting into the fitness & strength  articles/programs/subscriptions  so my mind is slowly shifting and adjusting to the here & now me :)

A weird and exciting moment for me so I thought I'd share :)

Oh, and if you can't afford the best program in the world to change your lifestyle ( then maybe give the 1 Million Kilo Challenge a go.  What have you got to lose??


  1. LOVE IT!!! What an awesome feeling that must have been - Well Done Mary!!

    1. It was very strange but it registered in my head it was very cool :)
      All the best to you

  2. Can't wait till the day that this also will happen reading your blogs, keeps me so motivated, congratulations on your achievements...

    1. That day will come!
      Do exactly what Mish says and you will get results.
      Keep a strong mind, focus only on the positives and don't let your mind talk you out of doing something good.
      Tough times happen and your strong mind gets you through it.

  3. Lol. I did that too. Actually just got told through my dexascan that I need to build at least 2kg of muscle (1 leg has 1.5kg muscle less than the other from an injury 3years ago.)

    Congrats Mary, and good luck with this next phase of being changing your identity to splasharama=athlete.

  4. Sometimes you forget what you are now. With time it will all fall into place.
    Splash the athlete? I doubt it as I have 27% body fat to strip down to the low teens. Now I love a challenge but that one is huge! My Round 1 2012 L&S goal is a 4-pack of and in 12 weeks :)