Monday, December 5, 2011

Mini Comp Team Final Video Message from Splash Week 12

My Mini Comp Team lost 217.5 kilos in Round 3!!!! Aaaaahhhhhh my team is awesome!!! 
I hope you are proud of them all as I know they are all AMAZING!!!  Love them to bits!

This is my final message to them...

Well Mini Comp Team, this is it. 12 weeks of hard work, sweat, tears and extra light ricotta are over... But it's not over! This lifestyle is forever and I really hope you continue to live it. I certainly will be smile

Here's the last video message for you. I wore a pretty dress so I hope you like it smile If you dont have time to watch it... make time. Put on your HRM and do this workout at the same time in front of your computer while you listen to the vid.

10 Push ups
10 Ab crunches
10 Tricep dips off chair seat
10 deep squats (feet a touch wider than shoulder width)
10 star jumps
10 step touch side to side
Stop and count to 10 as a rest then do it again and again until the vid is over

Tell me how many calories you burnt in this feed. Here's the vid...

Here's my Lean and Strong submission that briefly touches on my illness...
If you are going to Sydney, I won't be attending the workout due to my illness but will be giving out hugs at the party for as long as my body will let me!!!

Keep in touch via facebook page
and I'll see you in Round 1 2012 if I return smile

I have included my Round 3 before and after pics (with clothes on) for your reference. I just can't make myself post the ones in my underwear!! I'm not THAT confident! lol

Thank you Thank you Thank you! Keep a strong mind and remember that this lifestyle is FOREVER smile

For the last time,

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