Friday, December 2, 2011

Round 3 2011 Lean and Strong Submission

This is my submission for Lean and Strong and  I'm not in it to win it.  I'm in to to finally be honest and let you know about how my Round 3 really went.  I didn't want to show weakness to my fellow 12WBTers during the program so I kept this to myself.  I feel I can share it now as the Round is over and my role of staying strong for my Mini Comp Team and beyond is complete.  Thank YOU for following my journey and helping me stay on track during my tough times.

Getting Lean Body
·         Body fat dropped from 32% to 26.8% (5.7% loss).
·         Weight dropped 13% from 71.1kg to 61.6kg.
·         Lost 49cm (excluding arms).
·         A size 10.
·         Bought my first bikini.
·         Have confidence to do a Lady Gaga inspired Photoshoot in my underwear!

Starting Strong Body
Followed 4 weeks of lean and strong and felt powerful.  I followed the recommended weights, trained to fatigue, improved planks by 50% & pushups on toes by 30%, developed a "2-pack", shocked the gym staff with my measurements each months, and my biceps grew into the loose skin around them. People’s jaws dropped at how "little" and strong I became.  I was an unstoppable machine until...

Not-so-Strong Body
A Week 4 hip injury and Week 6 shoulder rotator cuff injury put a complete stop to my training.

Twisted Body
Week 5 brought me an illness that was officially diagnosed as Myelitis in Week 11.  It's inflammation in my spinal cord causing numbness and soreness in parts of my arms/upper back.  I fatigue quickly and need to avoid overheating.  There is no treatment but I should fully recover by January 2012.  No strength training and allowed light cardio if I am up to it.

Strong Mind
I managed my food and lost 9.5kg.  Putting on weight was/is NOT an option.  I had to stay mentally strong and lead my Mini Comp Team to successful results.  They know about my injuries but not my illness (I will tell them in my last video message this weekend).  I wanted to be a role model and show them that controlling food alone will get results.  Tough times doesn't mean you turn to emotional eating.  You do what you can and DO NOT give up.

Splasharama is Leaner in Body, Stronger in Mind.  However Clinton Barker deserves to be the Lean & Strong winner :). I'm so proud of him!

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