Monday, December 26, 2011

Michelle Bridges Book Signing 17 Dec 2011

I was so excited to meet Michelle and Bill again at Target Greensborough on 17 December 2011.  My sister and I lined up with our books and t-shirts ready for signing.

Michelle was absolutely delightful and took the time to speak to everyone and give everyone her time.  No one was rushed along.  I told my sister to go first as i have met Mish a few times now and I wanted her to have her own time with Mish.  My sister had a really long chat to her and loved every minute of it.  I just had a quick chat as i didn't want to "hog" Mish lol!  We had our pics taken and then we pounced on Bill.

He was standing on his own admiring how excited everyone was to meet and talk to his lovely wife. We approached him and introduced ourselves.  He was just as lovely as Michelle.  He had all the time in the world for us and made us feel so comfortable.  We chatted about Mish and the upcoming Round of 12WBT.  I had a pic with him too as i was just as excited to meet him!

It was a really great day and these pics are really special to me :)

Friday, December 23, 2011

Splash's No Excuses Workout

I have been making treats while on holidays at my sisters' beach house.  So to balance them out, I have made my own No Excuses Workout.  Here's a vid demonstrating the exercises and the workout is written below.  

Consult your doctor before commencing an exercise program and ask your gym instructor for clarification if you are unsure how to do the exercises (or substitute/eliminate them).

10 x Butt Blasters Left
10 x Push Ups
10 x Ab Crunches or Curls Left
10 x Tricep Dips or Tricep Pushups
10 x Jump Squats
10 x Side Planks Left
10 x Step Curl

Repeat on the Right Side to complete One Set

I do 10 Repetitions of each exercise and 3 or 4 Sets per workout, once per day.

Set the number of Repetitions to suit you
Set the number of Sets to suit you

Increase the Repetitions or Sets every second day

I do one set for each treat I want to eat on that day BEFORE I eat the treat :)  So, have your treats and balance them out with your new active lifestyle that 12WBT has taught you to lead.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Going Solo Week 3 Weigh In

Heaviest weight 109.6kg
Ideal weight 62-65kg
Today's weight 61.1kg
Body fat 26.5%
This week lost 0.7kg (1.13%)
Going Solo Week 3 weight loss 0.5kg (0.79%)
45 week weight loss 48.5kg (44.25%)

So i have been slack updating my blog with my weight so here is my table of my 45 weeks to date.

Has been easier than expected to maintain my weight without training.  I can tell that if I eat some treats I just need to a eat clean 1200 calories for a couple of days to balance it out.  Other than that i have been not counting calories every day.  Instead I monitor portion size and wait for my stomach to tell me I am hungry before eating anything.  It's working well so far.

However I am CRAVING training!!!  I am going to do a light butt workout the Lean and Strong girls brought to my attention everyday while at our beach house and see if i can increase the reps each day.  Slowly does it until I can get back into the real Lean and Strong program.  Can't wait!

I am under my goal weight so bring on sampling treats this weekend for Christmas!  But I won't go crazy as i know how easy it is to undo all the hard work I have done this year.  It's not worth blowing it all for two days for feasts... DEFINITELY NOT WORTH BLOWING IT!!!

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and make sure you have fun!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Round 3 Winners and Finalists

Mish posted the winners on the Round 3 forums. Congratulations everyone!

Hi Team,

Congratulations to all of our finalists and winners who were announced on the weekend. Here is a quick wrap up of who's who and who won what!!

Congratulations to our Round 3 12WBT Top Three Transformations:
WINNER Lisa Ramsay (Lisa R) from Texas QLD, who lost 21.9kg, 23.4% of her body weight in 12 weeks!!! ... Lisa was a very vocal member, super active in the forums and extremely supportive of others. She has two small kids, 4 and 1 year old and was determined not to use them as an excuse for not exercising. Coming from a small community, where everyone has noticed. Locals are saying she is her old, smiley, bubbly self again!!

2nd place Brooke Hitching (Chook83)
3rd place Romy Hurwitz (rlh)

Congratulations to our Round 3 Winners:
Lean and Strong winner Clint Barker (ClintB)!! ... Clint was a self-confessed junk food addict and now is inspiring everyone around them to make changes for the better, including his family

Lean and Strong 2nd Place: Ailsa Zadow (Midge)
Lean and Strong 3rd place Nicole Coogan (Fit Knickers)

Blogger Katharine Jones (Shrinkingkath) ... Kath has been with us since Round 3, 2010. She could barely run down the street when she started 12WBT but is now a regular gym junkie with a 12 month goal to complete the Gold Coast Half Marathon

Quiet Achiever Bec Ardrey (Becka)

Inspirational Role Model Mary Crea (splasharama) ... Mary has lost a total of 48kgs since the beginning of the year.
She is a constant encouragement to other 12WBT members in the forums, on facebook and with her written and video blogs. She is a fantastic ambassador for 12WBT.

Congratulations to our Huggies Winners:
Blogger Cath Perkins (cathperko) Been with 12WBT since Round 3, 2010. Joined the Huggies program to help inspire other Mums. She was very active on the forums and did over 20 thoughtful, moving and motivating blog posts and countless tweets to keep members going.

Quiet Achiever Kerwyn Jonker (5 rat bags)
Inspirational Role Model Lani Gration (Sandpaperthighs)

Congratulations to our finalists:
Meg Garrido (Runmummyrun)
Jade Sharp (Jaded)
Mandy Berryman (MandyBerry)
Tom McCormack (Tank)
Tricia Tassell (Tricia)
Kara McClure (mama plus four)
Melissa Ireson (womaninashoe)
Noala Gotsis (Tink)
Deanne Green (Dee76)
Kelly Munce (kellymunce)
Leanne Molloy (I Will Rock This)
Kellie O'Leary (kelliecandothis)

Mish Xo

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Round 3 After-Finale Party Video Message

Thanks for an awesome party Mish!!!

Party pics will follow when I'm back in Melbourne.

Thanks everyone for taking the time to chat to me tonight.  I really appreciate your kind words and wish you all well for your future.

Thanks Mish!!!  You rock :)

Monday, December 5, 2011

Spalsh's Mini Comp Week 1-12 Summary Transformation Board

Here's the link...

Here's the details if you can't view the link...
I threw together a little board of the team members that were with us both in Weeks 1 and 12 to get a total loss per person.
Congratualtions to Livylola for having such consistent weight loss this round. She made the Top 3 on occasion and finally smashed it to the top of this board smile Squee!!!!

I just have the surprise project to finish then I'm signing off for this round.

Remember this lifestyle is forever, but I still think you can sample a little bit of everything on Christmas day then get back on the program after the festivities smile

Thanks for everything! Love you guys!!!!

48 kilos GONE in 9 months!!!

Feeling FANTASTIC!!!

Before and After Pics Round 3 2011

Mini Comp Team Final Video Message from Splash Week 12

My Mini Comp Team lost 217.5 kilos in Round 3!!!! Aaaaahhhhhh my team is awesome!!! 
I hope you are proud of them all as I know they are all AMAZING!!!  Love them to bits!

This is my final message to them...

Well Mini Comp Team, this is it. 12 weeks of hard work, sweat, tears and extra light ricotta are over... But it's not over! This lifestyle is forever and I really hope you continue to live it. I certainly will be smile

Here's the last video message for you. I wore a pretty dress so I hope you like it smile If you dont have time to watch it... make time. Put on your HRM and do this workout at the same time in front of your computer while you listen to the vid.

10 Push ups
10 Ab crunches
10 Tricep dips off chair seat
10 deep squats (feet a touch wider than shoulder width)
10 star jumps
10 step touch side to side
Stop and count to 10 as a rest then do it again and again until the vid is over

Tell me how many calories you burnt in this feed. Here's the vid...

Here's my Lean and Strong submission that briefly touches on my illness...
If you are going to Sydney, I won't be attending the workout due to my illness but will be giving out hugs at the party for as long as my body will let me!!!

Keep in touch via facebook page
and I'll see you in Round 1 2012 if I return smile

I have included my Round 3 before and after pics (with clothes on) for your reference. I just can't make myself post the ones in my underwear!! I'm not THAT confident! lol

Thank you Thank you Thank you! Keep a strong mind and remember that this lifestyle is FOREVER smile

For the last time,

Friday, December 2, 2011

Round 3 Wrap Up Video

Thanks everyone, I have had a blast!

Round 3 Week 12 Weigh In

Heaviest weight 109.6kg
Today's weight 61.6kg
BMI 25.6
This week lost 1.4kg (2.22%)
Round 3 weight loss 9.5kg (13.36%)
42 week weight loss 48kg (43.8%)

Lost 49cm in Round 3 2011
Lost 62cm in Round 2 2011
Total of 111cm... oh my goodness was i really that big??

This year I have lost 48 kilos (31.2 kilos with 12WBT) and gained life.  I'm strong in mind, stronger in body and most importantly, I have influenced others to make a lifestyle change too.
I cannot speak highly enough of the Michelle Bridges 12 week Body Transformation.  It's a program for life, forever.  

I hope one day to be able to work for the Michelle Bridges empire and contribute to changing lives across the world.

Round 3 2011 Lean and Strong Submission

This is my submission for Lean and Strong and  I'm not in it to win it.  I'm in to to finally be honest and let you know about how my Round 3 really went.  I didn't want to show weakness to my fellow 12WBTers during the program so I kept this to myself.  I feel I can share it now as the Round is over and my role of staying strong for my Mini Comp Team and beyond is complete.  Thank YOU for following my journey and helping me stay on track during my tough times.

Getting Lean Body
·         Body fat dropped from 32% to 26.8% (5.7% loss).
·         Weight dropped 13% from 71.1kg to 61.6kg.
·         Lost 49cm (excluding arms).
·         A size 10.
·         Bought my first bikini.
·         Have confidence to do a Lady Gaga inspired Photoshoot in my underwear!

Starting Strong Body
Followed 4 weeks of lean and strong and felt powerful.  I followed the recommended weights, trained to fatigue, improved planks by 50% & pushups on toes by 30%, developed a "2-pack", shocked the gym staff with my measurements each months, and my biceps grew into the loose skin around them. People’s jaws dropped at how "little" and strong I became.  I was an unstoppable machine until...

Not-so-Strong Body
A Week 4 hip injury and Week 6 shoulder rotator cuff injury put a complete stop to my training.

Twisted Body
Week 5 brought me an illness that was officially diagnosed as Myelitis in Week 11.  It's inflammation in my spinal cord causing numbness and soreness in parts of my arms/upper back.  I fatigue quickly and need to avoid overheating.  There is no treatment but I should fully recover by January 2012.  No strength training and allowed light cardio if I am up to it.

Strong Mind
I managed my food and lost 9.5kg.  Putting on weight was/is NOT an option.  I had to stay mentally strong and lead my Mini Comp Team to successful results.  They know about my injuries but not my illness (I will tell them in my last video message this weekend).  I wanted to be a role model and show them that controlling food alone will get results.  Tough times doesn't mean you turn to emotional eating.  You do what you can and DO NOT give up.

Splasharama is Leaner in Body, Stronger in Mind.  However Clinton Barker deserves to be the Lean & Strong winner :). I'm so proud of him!