My Pics

Hi Team,

I CANNOT believe I am doing this but here goes.  After a huge demand from 12WBT members over the last six months to see my raw 12WBT before and after pics... here they are revealing more than I thought I would ever share! 

I guess I am comfortable with who I am now so it's time to share.  I really dislike looking at my old pictures and I even got a new license photo taken as i used to hide it in my purse so I couldn't see myself. 

I've been hovering between my preferred weight of 62 to 65 kilos for four months now.  My mind is finally catching up with my body and realising that I'm what I consider to be "normal" now.  The strange thing is that over the last week when I catch a glimps of myself I sometimes think "You are looking fat today".  I don't like these thoughts as deep down I know they are untrue.  But they still crept into my head a few times over the last week.

So, I made this blog post of transformation pics to help remind me that I am not the person I was for 33 years.  I am now a healthy and active individual that is determined to continue leading the 12WBT lifestyle because I love it and it makes me feel awesome :)

When the negative thoughts creep into your head (and they will!) please please please make sure you do something to get rid of them and not let them sabotage your lifestyle.

Aaaaahhhhh still can't believe I posted them!!!!  LOL :)

3 June 2012
Round 2 2012 Before

5 May 2012
Round 1 2012 After
5 April 2012

18 Feb 2012
Round 1 2012 Before

2 Jan 2012

4 Dec 2011
Round 3 2011 After

23 Oct 2011

12 Sept 2011
Round 3 2011 Before

4 Sept 2011

10 Aug 2011
Round 2 2011 After

25 July 2011 - My 34th Birthday

22 May 2011
Round 2 2011 Before

Christmas Dec 2010