Sunday, October 7, 2012

Round 2 2012 Perth Finale - Part 2

The Workout

At the workout i was a volunteer and had the role of Water Crew Team Leader (which I renamed to the Splash Crew).

My friend, Pirate Kate, had never met Mish so I was secretly totally excited for her as she was soon to experience a moment with someone that she would remember forever.

As Pirate Kate & I arrived at the park (a touch late) I saw the volunteers gathered in a circle about 100m away but I was headed to the Registration Tent first. I couldn't understand why they were all signalling for me to go to them first.  I was thinking to myself "I've done this volunteer role before so I know I have to go to the registration tent first". Anyway, I gave in and detoured to the group of volunteers first. 

As I arrived I said hi to the team and apologised.  I thanked my friend, Pirate Liz, for doing the roll call and handing out uniforms for me. I then realised that standing next to me was Michelle Bridges!!!  "Aaaaaahhhhhhh!" was what I screamed as I saw her looking at me.
"Splash!" is what she replied.
We all cracked up laughing and she liked our Pirate outfits.  I STILL get star struck and LOVE this woman to bits. 

I've had so much Mish time over the last year so I usually stand back and enjoy seeing others experience Mish for the first time.  They are usually a blubbering mess and she is so gracious and kind with beautiful words that makes them shine, smile and cry all at once.  I was so grateful that Mish acknowledged me and we had a brief chat.  So so special.

Briefing my Splash Crew Volunteers

I took my team over next to the small stage and i jumped up on it. I was about to brief them on the run down of our morning. Then I had a brilliant idea! Let's get briefed in plank position!!! Some witty videos and comments were exchanged leading up to this day between the Team Leader of Registrations & Scanning, Leanne H, and I that involved planking and awesomeness.  My team were up to speed with this so I thought it would be fun to carry on with that tradition.  So we dropped and planked while I read our the brief.
Occasionally I hear a team member say "Hurry up Mary!!" but I knew it was Pirate Kate so I kept taking my time :p

We had the cameras flashing and it was just a whole lot of fun! I'm pleased to say I held my plank for the whole brief - it was tough but that's just how I roll :)

To keep the tradition going some of the Splash Crew planked in the group volunteer pic with Mish too.  That was lots of fun.  We then got a Splash Crew pic with Mish.  My team was telling me to stand closer to the middle but I told them I've had my Mish time so I stood on the end.  Can't wait to see that pic!

The witty banter continued throughout the workout between Leanne H & I.  I found it hysterical and it was fun for those around us too.

 To Be Continued...

Round 2 2012 Perth Finale - Part 1

Summary of Previous Finales

I had attended 4 finale parties prior to Perth and each of them were totally different experiences.

R1 2011 Melbourne - 
I was my sister's guest at Silk Road. Energy, passion, commitment & achievement filled the room.  I was blown away by this 12WBT thing and could not wait to begin MY 12WBT journey in Round 2.

R2 2011 Brisbane - 
My first finale as a member. I had phone numbers of the small support crew I had created and could not wait to meet these wonderful people that I knew as my Mini Comp Team Members.  I was ecstatic to be spending the day with the wonderful people I had formed connections with online.  I didn't think the night could get any better... :)

R3 2011 Sydney - 
I knew I was a Top 20 finalist so I was a shaking nervous mess.  wow what an experience and honour.  I got to meet my new Mini Comp Team members after presentations and we had a great night together. I also met complete strangers that knew so much about me.  That was strange but I loved asking them about their journeys and seeing them light up with excitement.

R1 2012 Melbourne - 
I thought I'd be able to relax and just enjoy the day with my 12WBT Pirates from around the world. Ummm... No.  I was overwhelmed at how many strangers came to thank me for how I have contributed to their journey. It still spins me out that people know who I am, what I've done, how much I weigh, where I train, what I train in, etc...
I was a Water Girl & World Record Team Leader Volunteer at the workout which was beyond fun! And I spent the evening with my Pirate Buddies which was so so special to me.

R2 2012 Perth - 
Perth was going to be Party Central for the Lean & Strong Pirates.  We were terribly excited to meet each other and had already made all necessary plans beforehand to ensure we maximised our time together.

Like all other finales, I expected and was prepared for 15 hours of laughing, smiling, screaming and jumping up and down with my friends.  I did not expect to cry every couple of hours.  Thank goodness I didn't wear eyeliner as it would not have handled my hard core water works.

To Be Continued...

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Summary Vlog of 12 months at goal weight

Hi everyone,

It's been a long time between vlogs.  Almost 12 months ago I reached my goal weight of 62 kilos.  Today I was reflecting on how far I have come so I made a little video to share with you all.

I also thought I would share some pics of the new overly confident and totally happy me.

My abs on 6 October 2012

My Adidas 2-piece bathers on 29 September 2012

My Perth finale workout and party outfits 8 September 2012