Sunday, July 29, 2012

Mentoring Erin - Week 8 Questionnaire

Week 8 Questionnaire

1. Total weight loss in first 8 weeks. 7.5 kg 

2. Goals update. How you are tracking? In terms of kg loss I am half way to what I wanted to lose in the 12 weeks.  With 4 weeks to go, i believe another 7.5kg is a big task.  I know that I could have achieved it if I hadn't lost focus for a few weeks. 
3. Biggest light bulb moment where something finally just made sense. Just because I have one good week doesn't mean that the weight will continue coming off me the following week unless I continue to eat clean and train hard
4. Lowest point emotionally & why For 3 weeks the weight wasn't moving.  I wasn't training hard but no movement in the scales.  Very disheartening.  Finally admitted to my fiance that I was allowing "Luther" to win and old habits to come back.   

5. Your most squee-worthy, jumping around the house in excitement moment. My first week where I lost 2.8kg was the first squee.  But measurements at week 4 to have 24 cms gone and 30 seconds off my time trail was even bigger.  To date I am yet to beat that 

6. Favourite exercise. I love all the classes I do - RPM, BodyStep, BodyPump, BodyCombat and BodyAttack.  

7. Do you prefer to train solo, with a buddy, with your PT or with a group? I like training with Sarah or myself.  I don't mind a group workout but I know that Sarah and myself are similar in fitness and competitiveness.  So we work off each other and end up getting a fantastic workout.  

8. Most calories burnt in one training session and describe the training session. I partook in a Les Mills launch of the new tracks.  Burned 2221 calories with 30min Attack,30min Pump, 30min Step,  30 RPM, 1hr Zumba and 1hr Yoga.  

9. Did you stray from the program and why? Week 3-5 were my bad weeks.  I wanted results but didn't want to do the hard work.  I was surrendering to Luther and eating badly (without people knowing - which is one of my excuses "what people don't know I eat doesn't count" etc).  I am not sure why I gave up so easily.  I think I got complacent after 2 great weeks of results and then got sick of being so organised with the food.  I felt like all I did was go to the gym and prepare food.  Spending relaxing time with my partner was getting less and less (or so I felt).  

10. Favourite 12WBT meal. I have enjoyed most of the foods.  Some outstanding ones so far are Jen's lasagna, Mexican shepherd pie, Sam's Chinese Chicken Dumplings, Yoghurt with Berry Compote.  The list could go on.   

11. How are you finding the program overall? The principles of the program are fantastic and I can see the benefits they can have on the participants.  The videos Michelle uploads are perfect advice and exactly what I need to hear and what tools I need to implement to make my new lifestyle work.  However the bridge between listening and understanding and then acting on them is sometimes a little difficult to get across.  My mentality to the new lifestyle and breaking of bad habits and letting it go once and for all is getting stronger and I feel that by the time round 3 2012 (my round 2) starts my Luther will be weaker and my resolve will be in its element of control and strength.  

12. Best advice that 12WBT has given you that you have implemented. Not so much advice but an attitude adjustment.  Attitude to my life and my health.   

13. Do you have any advice for someone that has 10-20kg to lose, is thinking about joining the 12WBT program but hesitant due to past weight loss attempts that haven't worked? Really pay attention to pre season tasks.  Really put your heart and soul into the tasks because they are the foundation of the journey I am now walking on

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