Sunday, November 27, 2011

Work Christmas Party 26 Nov 11

I just got home and Im in bed blogging this on my pretty white iPhone. It's 2.48am - yes I blog at odd times! But I REALLY want to share this while it's fresh in my head.

I wore my "12wbt Round 2 finale dress" to my work Christmas party tonight.  Mum took it in for me as I'm 11kg lighter now. It's a really special dress to me. It reminds me of the wonderful and overwhelming night I had in Brisbane 3 months ago. The Hilton Ballroom jam packed with fellow 12WBTers was oozing passion, excitement, achievement and emotion. I can't wait to experience that again in Sydney next month on an ever bigger scale.

When I was getting dressed tonight I accidentally caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and started to cry. It was the FIRST TIME (yes FIRST TIME) that the person looking back at me looked "little". Everyone (yes everyone) tells me I'm little now but I just didn't see it. Even when I wear my size 10 dresses to work I don't feel like a size 10. Anyway, I called my sister as I stood there staring at this "little" person in the mirror and told her of my lightbulb moment that was a breakthrough for me. I hope to see that same person everyday now, I really do. Oops tears flowing again, can't see screen properly, back in a sec...

OK, im all good now so back to tonight. The party was a blast, the dress was a hit & the compliments rolled in.  It was lovely having people that I respect and dont see often congratulate me on my  "new body" (I work for a large organization based on 4 different sites so I don't see other departments that often). I STILL get emotional hearing compliments - can you believe it????  I'm such a cry baby lol!!!

I wonder when me not being obese/overweight anymore will be normal to others? I never thought of that until tonight.  Time will tell I guess. Having written that, it's not even normal to ME yet lol.  Maybe my New Years Resolution is to accept myself as being normal :) I like that. It is a hell of a lot better than promising I will lose weight then not doing it.
I'll post a pic in the morning.
Good night for now :)


  1. This will be the first new year in I can't remember how many that I won't have to swear to lose weight. I've only just started in round 3 but I've lost 12kg since preseason started and still have 17kg to go but I don't consider it a diet anymore this is my lifestyle now. I have no idea how or what to say when people compliment me on my weight loss. I usually waffle on about the program but until the other day (a friend told me this) I never actually say its me that's done the hard work...strange how the mInd works sometimes. Keep up the good work "little person" xo

  2. Splash, you are beautiful inside and out, stand tall, stand poroud, you've earned the right to do so. I'm looking forward to seeing you in Sydney and getting that photo ;-) I missed you in live chat last night. I asked Mish what she was wearing to the finale, she has the shoes picked out but the rest she dosn't know lol ;-) see you soon