Sunday, November 13, 2011

Treat Meal on Maintenance

I have been hovering at and below my goal weight for about a month.  I have been eating clean since February and have had dessert about 4 times this year.

So, it was Saturday night and I had been invited to have Pita Bread Pizzas at my sister's place.

First I asked for a souvlaki base with mushrooms, grated carrot, olives and a little lite cheese.  Then I realized I had only eaten 500 calories on Saturday so I changed my order.  "I'll have one nutella, banana and marshmallow pizza on a souvlaki base please".  I cracked up laughing as i have not eaten something with such a poor nutritional value all year!  But hey, its in my calories and its now on my dinner menu.   

Here's my recipe:
1 Souvlaki base 200cal
2 tablespoons Nutella 200cal - spread all over pizza base
1 Banana 100cal - sliced thin and evenly placed on pizza 
25g Mini Marshmellows 90cal - sprinkled all over pizza 
Cook in oven for 5 mins until marshmallows starts to brown.
Half a glass of skinny milk accompanied the pizza 50cal 
Total 540cal

The verdict... My taste buds loved it! So much sweetness flying around my mouth!! My stomach would have felt better without it.  But hey, it was one of those crazy moments where "it seemed like a good idea at the time".  No regrets and I won't eat the whole pizza if i make it again.  Next time I will have a healthy vegetarian pita pizza for dinner and a small slice of nutella/banana/marshmallow pizza as a treat :). That way I can share it with my family and friends as dessert.

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