Sunday, November 6, 2011

Snack Splash Style

I often get asked what I snack on.  Here is my current list.  It's not all as clean as Mish would like.  But it's better than having my sweet tooth deciding to eat a whole baked cheese cake :)

I plan my snacks for every day.  If they are not on the plan then i don't eat them.

I pretty much have a small range of snacks I keep in the pantry.  Sometimes I find something new and add it as a treat snack (once per week).  I have the snacks on their own, with a glass of water or with a cup of tea.
Yoplait ForMe Yoghurt - 70 cals for 1 tub
Coles Thin Corn Cakes (like rice cakes) - 22 cals each
Sunrice Apple Cinnemon Rice Cakes - 38 cals each
Sunrice Apple cinnemon rice cake with 1 tablespoon lite cottage cheese on top - 70 cals approx
One Punnet of Strawberries - 60 cals
1/2 big can of sliced champignons mixed with 70g tin of tuna (less than 150cal depending on the tuna you use)
Uncle Tobys Crunchy Muesli Bars - 85 cal (any flavour)
Slice of bread wrapped around half a banana - under 150 cal
One toast with 1/2 grated small apple on top - 110 cal
Piece of fruit (apple - 70 cals, banana - 100 cal)
1 tablespoon Hommus lite or Tzaziki Lite with 4 water crackers (cals vary depending on brands)
1 tablespoon Hommus lite or Tzaziki Lite with carrot sticks

2 cups of air-popped Popcorn (i use my pop corn maker) - 60 cal

One carrot medium - 20 cals

Fruit Muesli Cookie - 52 cals


  1. i love the apple cinnamon rice cakes too! as i am a big big fan of apple cinnamon muffins.. i feel like this way i still get my fix but with a hell of a lot less cals

  2. I wish we could get the salt and vinegar rice crackers here... That would be number 1 snack. I'm more savory than sweet tooth!!!

    Love your blog splash!! Xx

  3. Those flavoured rice cakes are yum!

    BUT they are a little too yum. If i take the whole packet to work I will eat too many of them! I ate 10 of them over a day at work on three seprate days last year and that is when i had to limit the number I take to work! I just couldn't stop eating them and was wasting calories. It's all about moderation :)