Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Round 3 Week 9 weigh In

Heaviest weight 109.6kg
Today's weight 64.3kg
BMI 26.8
This week lost 1.0kg (1.53%)
Round 3 weight loss 6.8kg (9.60%)
39 week weight loss 45.3kg (41.33%)

- I drew up a table of my weekly weight loss this year and realised I am up to week 39 (not 37 as i thought) so I corrected it in the stats above.
- Stuck to the 1200 cals of good food this week and did accelerator day yesterday
- Hadn't trained for 3 weeks due to injury and returned to the gym this morning for 25 mins of light cardio on a bike.  I felt like I was back at Day 1 but I also felt great to be in my workout gear doing SOMETHING!
  I hope to be able to keep up the light cardio at least.
- My aim is to hover between 64kg and 66kg for life, so hopefully I can get back to 65kg and stay there as that is where my body is happiest

Mini Comp Team
- So glad with my mini comp team this week.  We had some awesome weightloss and great "squees".  well done everyone.  I'm so glad to be doing this round with you all and seeing all your achievements
- Here the link if you are a 12WBT member
- Here the link to my video message if you are not a member

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