Thursday, November 3, 2011

Round 3 Week 8 Weigh In

My Stats
Heaviest weight 109.6kg
Today's weight 65.3kg
BMI 27.18
This week lost 0.0kg (0.00%)
Round 3 weight loss 5.8kg (8.16%)
36 week weight loss 44.3kg (40.41%)

My Summary
- I'm very pleased to have stayed the same weight!
- Still no training at all due to injuries. This is frustrating as I do not want to lose fitness. Apparently I can do some light cardio in the coming weeks. I don't even know what "light cardio" means anymore! Lol
- Shopping sprees are a great booster when you are feeling a bit down.


  1. Your looking fantastic Splash, such an inspiration. can't wait to see you again in Sydney.


  2. Awesome achievement! Looking amazing! Hope you recover asap! x

  3. Thanks for your comments ladies :) Hope you're achieving it all in 12WBT Round 3!