Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Round 3 2011 Week 10 Weekly Surprise Entry

Hi everyone!

My Impossible that was made Possible in Round 3 2011 is not just about me, it's about you.
3min Video Blog Entry
Many of you have seen my "How I lost 43 kilos - slideshow style" video. This is a version of that but it focuses on Round 3. smile And it's to the soundtrack is Gaga... of course!!!

300 word Written Blog Entry
Paying It Forward is the Impossible that was made Possible in Round 3.

Mish put my journey on the map in Round 2. Thanks to her I am now in the support crew of many that we're once strangers.

"a quick message just to let you no that you are a huge inspiration to me.. I no I’m a complete stranger but this is my first round and i have seen your progress and it honestly blows me away so thankyou for your motivation"

"I've just been reading some of your blog, you are truly inspiring. Love your planning, I agree organisation is the key to achieving."

"you are inspiring lots of people here to achieve big things so thanks."

"Its great to see a "normal person" achieve what I want to achieve. "

"Thank you in advance for any help or advice. I'm most appreciative and grateful. You have both been such an inspiration to me."

"after reading your post and looking at your journey in pictures I was inspired.
I have tried harder to just get moving. Thank you for taking the time to write, you have encouraged me to keep following the right path."

"omg 109 kg that was meeeee, down to 66kg and still got boobs, 43kg in a year, omg omg omg, i want to BE that girl!"

"Thanks for sharing your Video tonight. It is brilliant. I loved the and I quote" It is not bragging if you have done it " It really hit home with me."

My Mini Comp Round 3 is supporting the journeys of 35 gorgeous ladies.
I run fortnightly lunch time support meetings with the 12WBTers at work.

Thanks Ski Chic for leading me to 12WBT.
Thank you Mish for giving me the amazing opportunity to make a difference.

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