Saturday, November 12, 2011

A Month of Articles

It's been a really overwhelming but exciting week.  Here's why.

Technogym Article 11-11-11
I have been training on Technogym gym equipment all year.  Technogym is a sponsor of the Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation.  I was contacted by Technogym Australia's Managing Director after I won Round 2 in August and he congratulated me.  He also mentioned an article about Technogym and the win.  So I worked with their fabulous Marketing coordinator, Melissa Blades, and she came up with this.  It is published on their Wellness Blog and Facebook page.  This is my favourite article as it captures the summary of my year so well.

Australian Leisure Facilities Association E-news November 15-11-11
There is a link tot hte Technogym article in this publication under "Members Blogs" half way down

Whittlesea Review article 8-11-11
A work colleague told me that she recognised me in the local paper.  I nearly fell over!  I had no idea I was in the paper!

Staff Matters Article 9-11-11
My work's Marketing Department wrote a feature article about me in our quarterly staff newsletter.  My Mongolian Lamb recipe was also published in this edition.
You probably can't read the article so here is the text...
Mary Crea transforms to become a weight loss winner!

If you have seen Mary Crea from Leisure &
Community Inclusion out and about recently
and needed to do a double take, don't worry
it's really her!

Mary was recently announced as the winner
of Round Two of the Michelle Bridges 12
Week Body Transformation Program, after
losing an amazing 18kg (she has lost 43kg
over 33 weeks).

On a family holiday to the Gold Coast in
late 2010, Mary was feeling exhausted and
struggled to keep up with everyone as they
jumped between theme-parks.

As soon as she was back home in Melbourne
Mary signed up for the Weight Watchers
at Work program to get her started, and it
wasn't long before she started to see results.
Others also noticed Mary's weight loss, and
earlier this year she was awarded a Wellbeing
at Whittlesea Award.

With her weight loss journey so far going
well, Mary decided to sign up for the Michelle
Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation
Program. If you're familiar with The Biggest
Loser, Michelle is one of the tough trainers
who whips the contestants into shape. Her
Transformation Program provides online meal
and workout plans and support. Three rounds
are held each year, and all participants start
and finish the program together.

Mary started following Michelle's 1200 calorie
food plan and training 60-90 minutes, six
days a week. She decided she was finished
with making excuses and started living each
day by the motto 'Just Fricken Do It'. Before
she knew it, she was running 7km non-stop,
something she had never been able to do

Mary found her consistent results to be
her main source of motivation and drive to
keep going. She started up her own blog,, where she was
able to share all the ups and downs of her
journey with others.

It wasn't just her legions of fans that
appreciated Mary's new outlook on life,
her colleagues have also embraced her
achievement. Team Leader of Leisure
Facilities, Kerry McDonald, wrote to Michelle
Bridges to let her know how much the
program had helped Mary blossom into such
a happy and energetic woman. Michelle
posted this message onto her Official
Facebook Page, which led to a huge number
of people visiting Mary's blog.

All this hard work paid off when Mary was
announced as Round Two winner of the
Program in August. Today Mary is 43kg
lighter and feeling on top of the world. Mary
says that the program not only transformed
her physically, but has changed the way she
approaches life. Making healthy and active
choices is now her number one priority.

Remember to visit Mary's blog splasharama. or visit her Facebook page for
more photos and details on her inspirational

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