Friday, September 30, 2011

Yuk to Yay with 12WBT

I returned from a family Christmas 2010 vacation on the Gold Coast weighing 109.6kg.  I felt yuk.  I looked yuk.  It was just all yuk.  I began losing weight on my own by eating healthier.  I joined the Weight Watchers at work program in February 2011 and wasn't happy with my small weight losses over the first few weeks.  So I kept weighing in with WW for accountability but I changed to counting calories in and out.  That worked for me.  I lost 16kg in 14 weeks.

I attended the Round 1 2011 Finale in Melbourne as a guest of my sister that did that program.  The evening was full of inspiration, achievement, passion and happiness.  Near the end of the night I said to her "I can do this.  I want what they have".  I weighed in the 90ies and I wanted to feel like everyone in the room.  So I joined 12WBT Round 2 and I have my sister to thank for exposing me to her world.

I gained a really strong mind  by listening and doing what Michelle said.  I loved seeing results.  I loved smashing more calories in workouts.  I loved feeling myself get fitter and fitter every week.  I loved being able to increase the duration of my training sessions.  I loved getting smaller and smaller each week. I loved it all.  I craved it.

I then got more involved in forums and the 12WBT Facebook page.  I started a mini comp with 12 other women in Week 8 where they would email me their weight every Wednesday and I would turn them into a Transformation Board.  We had a total team weight loss to beat each week, and you were aiming for the greatest individual percentage loss.  I just started the comp to keep me on track.

The first week the emails just contained their name and weight.  Then the emails got longer and longer and I was hearing all about their training, nutrition, events they participated in, their weak moments, their family life.  And I found myself commenting, encouraging them and sharing my own experiences.  I eagerly awaited to receive their emails on Wednesdays as it was the highlight of my week.  I loved their honesty and that kept me honest too.  And the Mini Comp had sooooo many successes along the way.  We had a winner of the teeshirt slogan comp, finalists in the week 10 blog comp, finalists in the Facebook weight loss wisdom comp, amazing sporting achievements and 2 of us in the Top 14.  There was so much interest from newbies to join the Round 3 Mini comp and they didn’t even have any details yet… Round 3 Mini Comp has 50 people registered and about 35 that actively participate each week.  It's so rewarding now getting to know my new team. 

As you know I have a blog.  I didn't know what a blog was until I joined the program.  I started it in June to keep me accountable.  I couldn’t bare the thought of writing "I put on weight this week" on it so it made me stay focused.  I had NO IDEA the impact it would have on others, NO IDEA.  I received comments on the forums and Facebook about it.   I was recognised at the workout by people telling me how inspirational my blog is, how it has helped them and how I have an amazing boss.  I didn't know these people but they knew me and were quoting my posts.  I was also recognised at the finale party before I won the award and was receiving the same comments.  It didn't register at the time exactly what impact I have had on others.  I still don’t think I truly understand it.

I knew I was in the top 50 and was secretly hoping I was in Top 10.  But I have been following other people like Angela, Kate and Clint and I knew I was not in their league at all, as they are amazing to me.  Well you saw my reaction when Michelle read out my end weight, and how I think, and mentioned my boss, and I didn't hear the rest as I was screaming.  It was an amazing feeling that I can't explain and made me shake uncontrollably.

I emailed the news to a work mate  and she replied in size 18 font, as it was the closest font size to my 18.6kg weight loss.  My Director at work started to cry when I told him the news and showed him my trophy.  My family and cousins were on the phone to me screaming on the Saturday night of the finale party in Brisbane and I couldn't understand a word.  The Managing Director of Technogym (a 12WBT sponsor) emailed me to congratulate me.  People want to do what I'm doing and want to think like me so I send them the 12WBT web page link.  I have recruited about 20 family and friends newbies for round 3, and I know more will jump on board for Round 1 2012. 

I'm honoured and still really shocked to be named 1st Place in the 12WBT Round 2 2011.  I have lost over 40kg this year (Yay!) and Michelle Bridges has given the tools on how to lead the lifestyle that I want and deserve.  I feel amazing.  I'm living this new lifestyle in this new body and it is slowly becoming "normal" being this size.  Sometimes I still think like the old larger me but with time I hope that will pass.    

One of the best bit is that I am now finally starting to understand the influence I have had on others to lead a healthy and active lifestyle… that is still overwhelming to me... and priceless.

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