Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Round 3 Week 3 Weigh In & Summary

Week 3 Weigh In
Heaviest weight 109.6kg
Today's weight 67.5kg
This week lost  1.4kg (2.03%)
Round 3 weight loss 3.6kg (5.06%)
31 week weight loss 42.1kg (38.41%)

My Experiment
  • I did a little experiment this week.  I stuck to the program on all weekdays and went it alone with no exercise on the weekend.  This is how Mish said she and her friends live and i wanted to see how my mind and body would handle it for a week.
  • Firstly, it was nice (but very strange) not to exercise on the weekend. 
  • Secondly, it showed that i can control myself around food, even when i am not counting calories.  I went to a party Friday night and just had some dip, about 7 crackers and about 4 strawberries.  I wasn't drawn to the deep fried or sweet things, which was good to see.
  • I had dessert and birthday cake on Saturday night at my nephew's 30th Birthday and felt sick on Sunday because of it.  It wasn't because i ate the whole cake, it was that my body isn't used to chocolate cake and cheese cake anymore, even though i had really small slices.   I must remember not to do that again!

My brags
  • Pushed myself to the limit with my upper body strength training session on Friday. My arms were shaking and I was making weird facial expressions during the exercises just to be able to complete each set.  The girls in the change rooms were talking about how hard i had worked out.  I burnt 500 calories in that session (it's the Tuesday Lean and Strong program) which is unusual for a strength session.  My arms took 4 days to recover from that!  But my definition in my arms is improving so it was worth it!
  • I finally bought a bikini top on the weekend.  I just need the guts to wear it now.
  • I sent off my Certificate 3 re-registration paperwork today and should be a qualified fitness instructor and aqua instructor again in the next fortnight.
  • New Release BodyStep went OFF at the gym this morning!  Great work Rita and ladies :)

Run Splash Run
  • I ran 7km NON STOP for the first time ever on Tuesday (8.5kph on the tready).  The week before I ran 3.6km non stop for the first time so I almost doubled my distance in a week.  It's all about the mind letting my (now fit) body do what i want it to do.
  • I registered for a 7km fun run in late October as i now know I CAN DO IT!
  • If you want to do it too, register here

My "Just Coz I Can" Section
  • Happy birthday to my Mum for Tuesday 27 September.  We are going Adidas Factory Outlet shopping on the weekend so i can buy her new trackies and hoodie so she can look like Mish too :)

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