Thursday, September 8, 2011

Round 3 PreSeason Week 4 Weigh In

Round 3 PreSeason Week 4 Weigh In
Weight 71.1kg
This week lost  1.2 kg (1.66%)
Round 3 PreSeason weight loss 3.1 kg (4.17%)
29 week weight loss 38.5kg (35.12%)

Well it's been a great week.
  • I'm officially Overweight and not Obese anymore - woohoo!  BMI = 29.59
  • I did an interval training program on the tready this morning and ran/walked 7km in 64.5mins.  Now that sounds like nothing but I have never run or walked or crawled that distance without stopping EVER before so i am TRILLED!  Bring on the 7km Fun Run on 23 October!
  • I started the Mini Comp Transformation Board for Round 3.  We had AMAZING results this week and the program hasn't even started yet!  The leader of the board lost 3.32% of her body weight - amazing stuff!  Love my Mini Comp Team!  I was 10th on the board so I really need to step things up from now on.
I must have pulled an oblique muscle on Sunday so had to modify my training for 3 days, but I was back into full swing this morning and smashed 570cals.

Week 1 program has just been released... and I'm excited baby!

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  1. Go you! So many achievements in one post!

    Your mini comp team sounds like an extra incentive to keep motivated too as well. :)