Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bazinga! Happy Dance!

- Had a huge red flag day on Sunday (family friend's BBQ lunch) that I managed well by training 1000cals in the morning and only eating 500cals at lunch instead of the whole BBQ buffet!
- The teenagers at the family friend's BBQ  couldn't stop saying "You're skinny as! OMG!". They hadn't seen me since about 20kg ago. It was a pretty cool feeling!!! I'm on cloud nine!
- Did my PB by 1min 5 secs for 7km run/walk On Monday morning.
- Finally weigh under 70kg on Monday. I'm lighter and fitter than I was through my high school years. Let's hope I'm still under 70kg at Wednesday's weigh in. 
- Started the Lean and Strong program last week as I can see that I have some definition in my arms from 1-2 Pump classes per week and I want more!!! Loving Lean and Strong gym program, even though it is a little creepy when the muscle guys watch me trying to lift my tiny weights!!! lol
- Tuesday night I ran 3.6km non-stop for the first time at 8.5kph and it took me 25mins.  That's my best running achievement so far.  
- Feeling good for Week 2 weigh in .

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