Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Week 6 Weigh In

Week 6 weigh in results are ok, i guess.  I have analysed my food and exercise diary but can't work out why I didn't lose my usual 1.5kg.  
On the bright side... I have now lost 25kg!!!  Very happy about that, only 15kg to go! 
My weight loss to date:
This week lost 0.7kg (0.82%)
This Round weight loss 8.3kg (8.94%)
19 weeks weight loss 25.1kg (22.9%)
I exercised like a crazy woman this morning, and loved every minute of it!  "Dirty Dancer' by Enrique and Usher set the pace and kept me motivated (among other songs).  Burnt 700 calories in an 80 minutes gym cardio session, which is really great for me.  Feeling good, feeling good. 
Told my boss that I have lost 25kg and she gave me a huge hug and was so proud.  That was a great feeling. 

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