Thursday, June 23, 2011

Week 5 Live Chat

Last night's live feed was about refocusing and staying on track.

I have been so focused and motivated for the last 18 weeks and have had some great results.

My main concern now is... how long can this motivation last?  Sooooo many people are just dropping off the program and i just dont want it to happen to me!

I have been using a food diary EVERY DAY for 18 weeks and all my training sessions are scheduled in my calendar as the priority of the day.  I train 6 times per week and have only missed one training session in 18 weeks.   It's all working perfectly and it's almost too good to be true... so how long can this motivation last?

I thought i would start a blog as a form of motivation for myself.  If i have to post here how i am going on the program, i certainly dont want to post that i put on weight!!!  So this is my way of staying motivated and focused.

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